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My Final All-Star Ballot
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Monday, July 16th, 2018

My Final All-Star Ballot


Here is my final MLB All-Star Ballot for 2009:

MLB All-Star Ballot 2009

The NL ballot was easier to cast than the AL’s. I struggled a bit with Ryan Braun over Hunter Pence, then came to the conclusion that Braun deserves the nod. I do enjoy watching Pence play though.

David Wright may have only 4 HRs, but he’s still slugging .500 and leading the league in hitting. He also has the top OPS for NL 3rd basemen.

In the AL 1st base was a difficult call, but I ended up with Youkilis there. But Morneau, Tex, Pena, Cabrera, Martinez or even Russell Branyan would be solid picks.

In the outfield I considered Adam Jones, Damon and Choo but went with Crawford. Ben Zobrist could have easily been a write-in.

Thoughts on the ballot? No Cubs or White Sox to be found.

  • http://www.mopupduty.com matthias @ mopupduty.com

    Bartlett over Scutaro? I don’t know about that one, otherwise I’m agree with pretty much everything else. Poor Zobrist, had he been on the ballot I’d have given him a vote at 2nd or the outfield.

  • dhaab

    McCann over Molina? So funny how you ALWAYS go with the offensive stats and simply dismiss defense. Sure, McCann is the best hitting catcher in the NL, but his defense is below average at best. He’s basically a 1st baseman playing catcher. But don’t let that stop you from your Cardinal hating. :)

    And picking Upton in the outfield is based on 2 months of him getting hot, nothing more. At the end of April, the Diamondbacks were close to sending him to AAA! I would pick at least 5 other outfielders ahead of him. Pence, Dunn, Ethier, Manny, Soriano, Werth…should I go on? All Stars shouldn’t be chosen based on a half season of work. That’s why a guy like Soto never should have been the starting catcher on last years team. And before you jump all over me, I would have put him on the roster, but he simply didn’t deserve to start. No rookie does.

    Also, it should be said that Orlando Hudson has been HUGE to the success of the Dodgers this season. I wouldn’t pick him over Utley, but he deserves to be on the NL team.

    As for the AL, I’ll take Kinsler OR Pedroia over Hill. I love what Aaron is doing but he’ll drop off big in the 2nd half and Kinsler and Pedroia are simply better players.

    And I’ll take Morneau or Cabrera EASILY over Youkilis. If you put either of those players in that Boston lineup in that little ballpark, they’d make Youkilis’ numbers look like chump change.

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    Matthias– I love what Scutaro has done this year but Bartlett’s numbers are insane.

    D you lost me at “Sure McCann is the best hitting catcher but“. Ridiculous.

  • dhaab

    Typical Cubs fan. Defense doesn’t matter.
    Ridiculous. :)

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