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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



“Hi, I’m Ned.”

“Hi, Ned.”

“Ummm…I have a problem with giving too much money to centerfielders, signing them even when I already have one. See, I just gave a player coming off his worst season as a pro $18 million dollars a year. For 2 years. I’m pretty sure no other team would have come close to that number of dollars, but why chance it? He’s a centerfielder! And a real good one too! I mean last year the one I signed I thought was real good too. He’s all fast and stuff. I saw his hat blow off of his head a few times when he was running for flyballs–so I know he was real fast. Come to think of it, he always has to run real fast after most flyballs. It’s almost like he leaves late to go run them down. Anyway, his name was Juan Pierre. He did ok. I gave him $45 million over 5 years. But then I saw this other guy out there and had to have him!”

Ok, silliness aside, the money is outrageous. But if AJ reverts to his previous form it could be worth it for the Dodgers. If. But the funniest thing about all of this is that I would almost guarantee that the Dodgers wish they had never signed Pierre at all. They have no need for him now with Kemp, Ethier and Jones. So let’s see how Colletti works this out. Maybe Joe Torre will have Pierre run extra wind sprints on day 1 of spring training in the hopes that he’ll blow a hammy.

And we also know why Ken Williams said the other day that AJ was not on their list. He wouldn’t pay him $18 million, no way.

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  • dhaab

    Another day, another blog from Zoner complaining about someone in pro sports being paid too much money.
    Can you please tell us all which professional athletes aren’t overpaid?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I’m not complaining. Also, recall/look at what I say at the bottom of the post and what I wrote about Jones less than a week ago.

    There are many athletes that sign for market value or less. But when you come off a year like AJ has had and become the 5th (or so) highest paid player in the game, then yeah, I think that’s overpaying and I think there is something wrong with that. Much like Colletti did with Pierre, which still rates as one of the most ridiculous signings in the history of free agency.

    As for those that are not overpaid? Konerko and Buehrle on the Sox. Ramirez and DLee on the Cubs.

  • Mike O

    Plus the bullpen catcher on the Pirates. He makes like 4.15 an hour plus pierogies.

  • dhaab

    My point is that they’re all pretty much overpaid in the grand scheme of things.

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