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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Rob Neyer of ESPN ranks his top 50 players over the next 5 years. And there is only one White Sox, Nick Swisher at #29. There isn’t a Cub on the list.

Check out the list here.

  • dhaab

    IMO, he’s over-ranking many of the middle infielders. Pedroia, Peralta and Johnson are way too high on that list. Also, not sure why Melky Cabrera is even on the list. Maybe because he plays for the Yankees.

    Funny how he says that no prospects (like the soon to be SUPERSTAR, Colby Rasmus :) ) will be included on this list and then he puts Evan Longoria at #20. That Rob Neyer is so obtuse sometimes.

    Just a homer comment here. He’ll rue the day he left Rick Ankiels name off that list!! :)

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    I agree with you, dhaab. Cabrera should be nowhere near this list. Cano is very talented, but not the player that most of the press makes him out to be. Zimmerman at 6? As Seth Myers and Amy Pohler would say, “Really Rob Neyer? Really?”
    Ryan Braun has played one year. An offensively ridiculous year, but still only one. I think it’s much too early to throw such labels on him. And it’s time for Rollins to be judged on something other than his durability.

    I think that Swisher WILL get better over the next 3-4 years.

    Not many Cubs to choose from. Maybe Soto? I don’t think that Derek Lee has the offensive potential to compete with the heavys like Pujols, Fielder, and Howard, but he is a much better baseball player than people give him credit for. But I realize he’s too old for a list like this.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I was kind of surprised Soto did not make the list. I was shocked to see Ryan Zimmerman ranked so highly. To put him above Pujols, Utley and Reyes–to name a few–is insane. And he wrote this about Reyes: “As thrilling as Reyes is, it’s worth noting that he’s almost 25 and his career OPS falls short of the league average (and that’s the National League average).” Big whoop. He stole almost 80 bags last year and had only 12 errors at Short. He’s half of the best leftside of an infield in MLB. Reyes best years are still ahead of him.

    I agree on Swisher just because of the park he’ll be playing in.

    But all in all it’s a decent list and I like it because you learn something and it brings on conversation.

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell


    It’s enjoyable to debate such things. Reyes would be first on most lists for franchise potential. He’s more exciting than Wright. Both are going to be good for a long time, and both are very fun to watch.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I might have to disagree there, especially with the strides Wright made defensively last year. But they are both fun to watch. Much like Jason Marquis.

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