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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



So JaMarcus Russell is selected #1 by the Ray-duhz. Up next…the Detroit Lions. What do you do? Calvin Johnson and Brady Quinn are staring Matt Millen in the face. Will the Lions trade down? They could likely trade down, obtain more picks and still get Brady Quinn. And Millen would look like a genius.

As for the Bears, the Briggs situation is still unresolved. And why is that? Well when you go and do and say what Briggs has done for the last few months I’m guessing it turned off some GMs that might have wanted to trade for him. If you were a GM would you think a big, long term deal would end this behavior? Or would you worry that it would crep back up sometime down the line.

Briggs blew it. He could have made $7+ million this year, looked like a great teammate and still got a massive deal next year. Now his rep is tarnished and who knows what becomes of him. I still hope the Bears deal him. After much thought I would totally take the 6th pick from the Skins for Briggs. I trust Angelo to be able to parlay that into more picks.

Draft predictions? Bring it.

  • http://thewaynefontesexperience.blogspot.com/ Big Al

    This draft will have Rod Marinelli’s fingerprints all over it. After several years of having top 10 picks, the Lions still have so many roster holes, any position could be considered a position of need. If the incompetent boob running the Lions picks Calvin Johnson, he’ll catch more grief from the rest of the country than he will in Detroit. Yes, it’s ANOTHER wide out, but he’s the surest thing in the draft.

    But I doubt they take Johnson. (Which most Lions fans think is a mistake, if franchise type players like Russell or Johnson are there, you HAVE to take him) They will do their damnedest to trade down, and depending how far down, they’ll take either Gaines Adams or Patrick Willis. If they stay at 2, I’m guessing it’s Adams or Joe Thomas.

    When it comes right down to it, Lions fans think that it’s just a matter of how, not if, Millen will blow the draft.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    And your latest “Inside Millen’s Brain” column was hilarious!

    Hey…you guys want Lance Briggs?

  • http://thewaynefontesexperience.blogspot.com/ Big Al

    Thanks! I really enjoy writing those…

    Considering the Lions huge issues at LB, I’d take Briggs in a heartbeat. Hell, Dick Butkus would be the Lions best linebacker, and he’s in his 50′s and has no knees.

    And the Lions pick, and say they are keeping, Calvin Johnson. Mike Martz was just interviewed on local radio, and I swear you could actually hear the cubby forming as he talked about him. Sgt. Marinelli used the term “Football character” a dozen times while talking about him. Millen was working on his coloring book.

    Millen may have done the right thing.

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