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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



I can’t think of any coach who has got less out of his talent than Nick Saban. And then you have to consider this from Complete Sports:

“Last year, I thought the Dolphins were one of the better coached teams in the NFL. This year, not so much. How else do you explain Joey Harrington throwing 62 passes, and Ronnie Brown only getting 15 carries. 62 PASSES!! Have the Dolphins lost their mind? I mean, if you have a guy like Peyton Manning, I can understand throwing a lot of passes, even though 62 is way too many. But Joey Harrington? Throwing 62 passes in a game? Is this some kind of bizarro world?!?”

That is nuts. He also points out that the NFL Central is not the Bears’ just yet. Going on the road like Minny did in Seattle and winning is huge. Minnesota is 4-2 and has a favorable schedule for the remainder of the season. I could easily see the Vikes ending up at 12-4.

The Armchair Quarteback points out that things are only going to get worse for the 2-5 Redskins.

Their remaining schedule is brutal. They have Dallas, Philly–twice, Tampa (suddenly dangerous), Carolina, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis and the Giants to finish up.

They are staring 4-12 in the face, and Joe Gibbs might be going back to NASCAR sooner rather than later.

And finally, maybe now the national media will hush about the Chargers. Roid boy Merriman is out for 4 weeks and they just lost to Damon Huard and the Chiefs. They should be talking more about the Broncos. And of course, the Bears. 

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