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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



From North to North:

“I am now done at the Score. I met with management this past Friday and since I wouldn’t accept the deal they offered; they told me I wasn’t allowed to be on the air anymore. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye so here goes…

I wanted to say my 16 1/2 years with the Score were awesome. When I was on the air, it was unreal. To be able to entertain, have fun, and sometimes get serious… well you never knew what would happen on a daily basis.”

Read the rest of the statement here.

  • PB

    I listened once in a while when driving to work. I liked his show until they drifted away from sports and into politics. At that point I’d fire up the iPod. I’m sure in the revolving door of Chicago radio he’ll wind up somewhere else. Now whom will fill his morning spot? Danny Mack? FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Danny is signed for a few more years.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Good riddance.

  • Jude

    If this is real — it’s awesome. Best day in the Chicago sports landscape since Bill Wirtz died.

    Not exaggerating …Not even for a moment. Ding-Dong the diva’s dead.

  • Big D

    I can move back to Chicago now. North gave me a headache.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Yeah…you’re moving back to Chicago. Just played 9!

  • The Professor

    A good say for the Chicago sports scene.

  • dhaab

    The ONLY thing North did well was call out certain athletes/owners/coaches from time to time. But that is it. And he probably only did that to boost the ratings. He was basicall un-listenable most of the time and that’s being kind. When he was campaigning for “W” on the air before the ’04 election, it was truly some of the most vapid and uninformed opinions one will ever here.

  • Chicago How

    Fantastic, maybe he can sell hotdogs again. Maybe he can do it with Sedric Bensen.

  • Len

    Good riddance the racist piece of shtttt!!! he was the worst host ever. maybe that will teach the Score to higher HS drop outs!

  • Joe

    How many mispellings are out there? “Here” for “Hear”, Sedric (LOL). You people don’t realize that Mike was liked and listened to by a lot of people. Those who think his only appeal was to blue collar types are wrong. For those of you who can’t spell, you should be fans according to the media elite

    I have a graduate degree from a major university and make six figures. I enjoyed Mike. I agreed with him more often than not. How the hell do you think W got elected. The educated high income people didn’t want to pay any more taxes. We may not agree with the whole Iraq thing, but by God, I sure as hell don’t want to pay any more taxes.

    Bring Mike back. He was fun. You could disagree with him and he’d take the call. Mike, Anne and Fred were great!!

  • eman

    I certainly did not always agree with Mike North, that being said, i found myself tuning into wscr daily just to see what he would say next. Never thought i would say this, but i do miss that morning show.

  • Badgerboy

    Hard to imagine a more offensive host. I refused to listen to that station till I knew that blow-hard’s show was done for the day. Get Lost Northy!

  • http://myblog.riarentalreviews.com Ria

    I’m glad Mike is gone. I listened to him from time to time, ’cause he was a Sox fan, like me. However, he’s racist, sexist, and politically incorrect. I have a feeling that The Score didn’t want to renew his contract, especially with Obama running for President. Can you imagine what would have happened if North would have opened his big mouth and said the wrong thing about Obama? He would have been fired anyway. I have a hard time believing that he walked away from $750,000 a year contract, as if he’s worth that much.

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