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Thursday, May 24th, 2018



The furor over U of I’s Chief Illiniwek is finally, thankfully over. Last week they announced that Illiniwek will no longer be the mascot for the Illini. Good.

Of all the “Keep Illiniwek” arguments one stands out as the most stupid. I’ve heard several “social” commentators claim that he is a symbol of respect. How do we know this? Because when he comes out on the floor the crowd goes nuts and cheers for him. Oh. My. Goodness. You know who else fans cheer? That lame “Blues Brothers” knock-off seen here in Chicago. They cheer the cheerleaders shooting T-shirts into the crowd. They cheer “Benny the Bull”.

Face it, fans will cheer anyone. Wife beaters. Drunk Drivers. Roiders. Dopers. Felons. Chief Illiniwek being cheered has nothing to do with reverence and respect. And if it truly was offending a large group of people, then I say good riddance Chief. It’s only a name for a team. I’d much prefer they get back to winning the Big 10, no matter what their “name” is. And this way they also truly give respect to the people who are offended by him.

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  • PV

    Maybe we can start a petition to ban those “Blues Brothers” acts. Please next time don’t lump in the cheerleaders shooting t-shirt and Benny – they’re fun! – with these idiots. Thanks in advance.

  • Your Mom

    The fact that you and so many others lump the Chief with circus acts like the Blues Brothers shows that you don’t even come close to understanding the tradition and what it truly means to life long Illini fans.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    That’s now what I said, at least not what I meant. What I meant is that we cannot equate respect and reverence with fans cheering. because they will indeed cheer anything or anyone.

  • Shawn Balint

    Congratz mind reader.. you’re absolutely right… the Chief is on a par with a prostitute going out on the court… here we go another so-called enlightened person… let’s see what Indians signed off on the Chief.. that would be Indian Chiefs of the early 20th century whose grandfathers and great uncles told them stories about fighting the white man… not some modern day elitist Native American who doesn’t raise real issues like poverty on the reservations and poor conditions…

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