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Monday, July 16th, 2018



One of the best things about sports is that it consistently delivers the unexpected and unpredictable. Case in point: The Rays are in the World Series, and not a soul in the entire world thought that would happen this year.

Bears fans are experiencing it in 2008 thanks to Kyle Orton, who is slinging it like his senior year at Purdue. There was just a sliver in all of us that thought of that season and hoped he could produce something similar this year as a Bear. He is. And it’s been a lot of fun.

Orton shredded a very good defense Sunday, and he did it without a running game, nor any of the league’s top receivers. In fact, after the first 2 games where he looked like the 2005 version, Orton has been shredding every defense in front of him. He threw 2 TDs yesterday and Marty Booker dropped 2 in the end zone–it could have been 4.

Orton has completed over 62% of his passes, has a QB rating of 91.4 and is 6th in the league in passing yards. Rub your eyes all you want. These numbers are coming from a Bears QB. A QB that is outplaying the brothers Manning. Believe it.

The Bears are no longer a running team. God bless Matt Forte, but that offensive line is offensive when it comes to run blocking. Dare I say Olin Kreutz is overrated, the Guards are average at best and Tait and St. Clair make me hope Chris Williams is ready very soon. Sure, they have been consistent in giving Orton time, but only a handful of QBs have been sacked more than him.

Which makes Orton’s production all the more impressive. If he keeps playing like this there is even a chance he could make the Pro Bowl. How insane would that be? A Bears QB in the Pro Bowl?

  • dhaab

    Man, if anyone should know not to proclaim a QB a “pro bowl” player after a handful of games, it should be Bears fans. But feel free to set yourself up for more heartache. Don’t you people EVER learn? SHEESH!!!

  • dhaab

    And before you say it, I know you didn’t proclaim him a pro bowler, but you are talking about it after an extremely small sample size.

    I think we’ll know more after teams adjust to the Bears two tight end sets and then we’ll see how Orton reacts to that. It’s a lot like Grossman. He was exposed eventually and he never recovered. Lots of QB’s play well in spurts, but many drop off after defenses adjust to their tendencies.

  • PB

    Keep in mind that the Bears haven’t had their bye week yet, so Orton’s numbers (as well as the teams) are a bit over-inflated. He might not stay at #6 in passing yards when the other teams catch up. This is a great year for Orton to sneak in and get the pro bowl selection. The league is really strange right now, and there isn’t a dominant QB in the NFC. But, there is a loooooooong way to go this season. Season ending injuries happen very quickly. HIRE COWHER MANG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Wow. Just give him some credit, guys. He’s been much better than anyone thought and he is playing at a high level. And all those other stats aside, that he has thrown only 4 picks in 7 games is impressive to me.

  • http://nogutsglory.blogspot.com swnole

    Yeah, it’s impressive and I for one am thrilled that the Bears have some semblance of a passing attack, but I agree with dhaab on this one, I’d rather wait a while before I jump on the “Kyle Orton for the Pro Bowl” bandwagon.

  • dhaab

    Didn’t mean to not give him credit. I think he’s played awfully well. He’s obviously a better QB now and it’s been an impressive run these past 4 weeks. But the league really doesn’t have a book on him yet since he hasn’t started for this many games since his rookie season. Now they do and we’ll see how that affects things.

    PB, I have to disagree about there not being a dominant QB in the NFC. He’s still really young, so he hasn’t done it for that long, but I’ll take Romo, please.

    And speaking of that, how bout those Rams?! :)
    (sorry, but that was probably my only time I could gloat about my NFL team this year)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Romo has to prove that he doesn’t always have to crap on himself in big games.

    I hope other teams try and scheme for Orton–the Bears woeful run game needs it. But you’re right–other teams will now pay attention to him. Whereas before the opponent’s gameplan probably took all of five minutes to make.

    swnole–as dhaab pointed out I did not say he was a pro bowler. I think Brees, Rodgers, Warner and Romo all have a place in line before him right now. Just meant to say he is playing near that level.

    4-3 heading to the bye. Not bad.

  • PB

    I do give Orton credit. He’s playing great. Now how about the Bears get him a receiver that won’t drop TD’s… HIRE COWHER MANG!!!!!

  • prince_namor

    keep in mind that orton is able to create these kinds of numbers without the backing such names as; Santana moss, T.O., Buress etc. Orton is capable of having this kind of success due to the fact that opposing defenses are stacking the line to stop forte from running the ball. many opposing teams felt that by stopping the run you can stop the bears offense but Orton is hitting his strides and proving them wrong. each week Orton continues to get better and with the bears having a bye week this week it gives Orton and offensive coordinator coach John Turner time to open up the play book even more for the offense. once teams start to back off, and start respecting Orton passing ability that will then open up the running game for rookie running back Matt forte. the offensively might be old but i wouldn’t go so far and say that they are over rated. Forte is in the top 10 list of running backs goes in total yardage.

  • biggest bears fan alive

    i love how orton is playing this year. But i don’t think he will make it he could though. I really hope forte makes it hes having a great year!!!!! i think rbs should be turner forte and portis!!!

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