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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Well everyone else still calls him Pacman so I guess I will too. And at the very least he was involved in an incident on Tuesday night. At the worst it was a fight with some punches being thrown. From CBS 11 in Dallas:

“Sources say the 25-year-old was seen outside the hotel, taking off his shirt and appeared agitated. Those same sources also say Jones was muttering threats to go after his security guard

“Obviously Mr. Jones was a little belligerent – in my opinion,” said Raul Ferrer, a waiter at a nearby restaurant.

By the time police arrived Jones was headed back inside the hotel. Witnesses report clearly hearing punches being thrown inside the bathroom. A Dallas police officer and a hotel security guard reportedly found Jones and the body guard inside the bathroom and pulled the two apart.

At least one mirror was broken in the confrontation, and sources say Jones appeared to be intoxicated.

The unidentified body guard told CBS 11 sources that Jones is prone to bad mood swings when he has been drinking. According to the body guard, he was using a urinal when Jones came inside and stuck him in an unprovoked attack. He also said he hit Jones back.”

How weak is it that you hit someone while they are taking a leak at a urinal? That’s terrible. Not only could this get him kicked out of the league again, but his man card should most definitely be revoked.

The funny thing about this is that when I think of this going down I see Griz and Dot Com in my mind–Tracy Morgan’s bodyguards on 30 Rock. Anyway, I’m sure we all wait to see what happens, and what Goodell does if the report as stated is true.

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