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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



While we wait for the “But my pitbull loves my children and never hurt anyone” comments…

Here’s a story about a Pit Bull who should be charged with Breaking and Entering, except that he is now dead. From the Chicago Tribune:

CRYSTAL LAKE — A 3-year-old pit bull was euthanized Wednesday, a day after it broke through a patio screen door in Crystal Lake and attacked a Labrador retriever, according to police and a relative of the pit bull’s owner.

The pit bull was playing in the street before it was attracted by the lab’s barking, said Sharon Paulsen, who lives in a nearby apartment with the mother of Shady’s owner. “His tail was wagging and everything was fine,” Paulsen said. “He heard the dog barking and went after him.”

Does that story sound familiar? This pit was euthanized after they could not find any rescue agencies that would take it in. You can watch a video of the story at the Tribune link.

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  • shocker.

    Same story every time. “His tail was wagging….everything was fine.” Everything is ALWAYS fine in these stories….oh….except for the mauled animal or person. And I love that the Pit Bull was “playing in the street”. What the hell is that? The government should have to give you a psych exam before you can buy one of these death machines. Like a POID card or something.

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