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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



A certain Zoner Sports reader is really letting me have it over my backing of Rex Grossman. If you would like to read about it check the comments in the Bears Dynasty post.

So allow me to clarify a few things.

First, I don’t think Grossman is the greatest thing since low-fat Doritos. But to say that he “sucks” is just ridiculous. People forget the guy has persevered through some really tough injuries. Then last year when everyone was placing bets on what week he would be injured and out for the season, he comes out as an early MVP candidate. He was a HUGE reason why the Bears made it as far as they did. He had some incredible games and ended up with 23 TD passes. And most importantly made other teams respect the Bears deep passing game.

Had the coaching staff freaked out like the fans did last year in the preseason, it’s possible we would not have made it to the Super Bowl. He didn’t throw a TD pass until the final preseason game last year. And that’s what we are talking about now aren’t we? His performance during a preseason game.

So with that said, let’s take a look at another player similar to Grossman.

Grossman played in just 8 games before last year, his first full season as a starter. Marc Bulger played in 7 games before his first full season as a starter, which was 2003.

So let’s look and see what happened to Bulger that year. He threw for 22 TDs and matched that with 22 picks. He also had 8 fumbles, just like Rex did last year. Bulger even had 6 last year.

Pretty similar, no? Did people pick on Bulger then? Are they happy he is still there now?

Most quarterbacks that have success in the league will see their interceptions decrease as they gain more experience.

Carson Palmer had 18 TDs and 18 picks his first year. Peyton Manning had 28 picks his first year. You get the point. Favre even had 8 fumbles last year.

Grossman is really like any other first year QB, except much more successful. I don’t think he’s Palmer or Manning, but he could be very good for a long time. And I’m not sure why he gets scrutinized more than other QBs.

I know there are questions about his moxie, his decision making. And if after the first few weeks of the season he is fumbling away games or making terrible decisions, I’ll be the first to call for him to hit the bench.

But until then–say it with me–Rex is our quarterback.

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  • http://allonthefield.blogspot.com Kevin

    Personally, I don’t think Grossman is that great of a quarterback. However, he was a big part of the reason the Bears reached the Super Bowl, and on those grounds alone I think he deserves the starting job to start the season. Give him 4-5 weeks, and if he’s not getting the job done, give someone else a look.

  • dhaab

    Okay, maybe me saying Grossman “sucks” is going overboard, but he still is a QB with MAJOR turnover issues. On a team with a great D and Special Teams that is not necessarily a good thing. Yes, Rex can throw the deep ball well at times, but he also has a propensity to fumble and throw HORRIBLE interceptions. He’s an average NFL QB and he that is what I think he’ll always be. And once again, to use the argument that Grossman was a “first year QB last year” is just ridiculous on multiple levels. Don’t insult our intelligence with that one.

  • dhaab

    One more thing. Comparing Grossman to Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer or even Marc Bulger is laughable. None of those QB’s ever had MAJOR issues with the simple act of taking a snap from center.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Reading is a skill. I didn’t compare Grossman to them, just their first year stats. And Grossman was, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, a first year starter last season.

    BTW, Grossman was great on Saturday!

  • HeyBuddy

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the Grossman issue, Zoner. Yes, he must correct the fumbling problem or he will go the way of Rashaan Salaam soon enough, but the fact is he has shown more upside than any Bears quarterback since Erik Kramer (and Kramer already had some decent experience when he got here). Of course that’s not saying much, but I can’t understand the mentality in this town where people rally around mediocre players like Kyle Orton, Craig Krenzel, Shane Matthews, etc. while Grossman is looked at so pessimistically.

  • dhaab

    Bears fans, you gotta love them for there ability to make excuses for their players.

    Grossman was great on Saturday? He fumbled once again and he threw two passes that should have been returned for TD’s. Only one of them was. You are DELUSIONAL, Zoner.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Did you even see the game? Grossman was threading needles. He ended up 13-20 with 211 yards and 2 TDs with 1 pick. Yes–he was great on Saturday. The running game stunk and he was moving the ball big time.

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