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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017



When you think of the Bears, most people tend to think of ferocious linebackers and incredible running backs. But I also think of hard-hitting safeties.

Doug Plank, Gary Fencik, Todd Bell, Dave Duerson–all guys that could really hit hard. When you think of the hardest hits in NFL history, most likely they are made by a safety. (My perosnal favorite is Steve Atwater’s head-on with Christian Okoye in which he knocked the massive back stumbling backwards).

Andre Waters was such a player. He could ‘lay a hat’ on a receiver with the best of them. Though some criticized him of dirty play, you always knew where #20 was on the field. I think Chicagoans liked Waters because Buddy Ryan was the Head Coach for Philly and Waters played in the historic ’46′ Bear defense. He also hit like a Bear safety. Hard and often loud.

Worth reading is this piece from Eric Schmeltzer. A sample:

Waters always seemed to be in on all the hardest hits. Buddy liked to call them “oolicks” because they were the hits that made the crowd go, “Oooooh…”

Apparently Waters left no note and did not alert anyone to his desire to end his life. All you can say is that’s very sad. R.I.P. Andre Waters.

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