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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



Just heard and read that former Bulls guard and studio analyst Norm Van Lier has dies at the age of 61.

I had the privilege of working with Norm a few times and he was the real deal. A nice guy with a zest for life. Can you think of anyone that was more passionate about or loved the Bulls more than Norm? Doubtful. R.I.P. Norm. You will be missed but not forgotten.

  • dhaab

    RIP, Norm.
    One of the truly good guys of on-air talent that I’ve worked with over the years.

  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.com/ Stormin Norman

    I chose my handle to honor him, and I will continue to honor him. He was a great player and a great person. My prayers go out to his family and friends

  • http://www.tddance.blogspot.com McSpazz

    That is so very sad. I loved Norm. So very candid and never pulled any punches. If today’s players played with as much zest for life and the game of basketball then the NBA would be a much better watch.

    When Norm put his name out there to coach the Bulls, I so wanted it to happen. Just to watch him kick the *^&$ out of those players. He would have been as entertaining as Lou and Ozzie.

    R.I.P Norm and my best to his family.

  • Schmidty

    Amen…made my time as a SportsChannel intern much more pleasant back in the day. From all accounts, a great guy who didn’t have many regrets in life. We’ll miss you, Norm.

  • http://niuhuskies.com BH

    I echo the above sentiments! Passionate about the game he loved, and about the life he lived. A Chicago sports icon who will not soon be forgotten.

  • PLS

    What a shame. I’m so very sorry to learn of Mr. Van Lier’s passing. The man had true grit.

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  • http://zonersports.com RK in LV

    I was shocked to hear of the passing of one of the toughest warriors in NBA history. I was blessed to become friends with Norm when he lived in L.A. in the period between his playing career and his eventual return to the Bulls as part of the broadcast team. To say he was a basketball purist was an understatement. There was only one way to play, with maximum effort and if you disrespected the game and played “soft” he had no use for you. We have lost One of the Great Ones. Rest in Peace Stormin’ Norman.

  • dhaab

    Just saw that Johnny Red Kerr died today as well. He has been battling cancer for quite some time now.

    Unreal that these two Bulls legends died on the exact same day.

  • John Carlson

    I worked the Chicago Bull games as an Andy Frain usher on the floor during the Dick Motta era. Norm was a passionate person, whether it was on the court or attending a Rolling Stones concert at the old barn on Madison. He was a class act, he did it and said it like it was……no b.s.
    The city of Chicago and the sportsworld has lost a CLASS human being.
    He always had time for the fans…..afterall he was a fan himself.
    Rest in peace Norm……

  • Henri

    I created an online memorial for Norm. Please visit and leave any comments, stories, pictures, light a candle, etc., it’s free. He was such a great player and role model, we miss you Norm!


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