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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017



The Cubs pursuit of Brian Roberts is very interesting. He immediately changes the dynamics of the club, and maybe more importantly, changes the lineup.

Soriano would have to cede his spot at the top of the lineup for Roberts, a bona fide leadoff man who hits from both sides of the plate, gets on-base and then steals the next one. Just the idea of having Roberts on base nearly 40% of the time in front of Soriano, D Lee and Ramirez is enough to make Cubs fans salivate.

What would it take to get him here? Paul Sullivan reports:

While the Cubs have been adamant about their refusal to trade
left-hander Rich Hill or center fielder Felix Pie, they could part with
Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher and a position player such as Ronny
Cedeno or Eric Patterson to meet the Orioles’ asking price.

I would hope it would be Cedeno and Gallagher, but at this point I’m too giddy over the thought of Roberts coming here to care what they give up.

  • dhaab

    In other words, the rumor being supplied here is the Cubs would trade a couple of average to above average, young players for a solid, veteran 2nd baseman who can bat lead off (which is an EXTREMELY rare commodity in MLB). Nothing but the date changes.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    i’m not supplying it; merely analyzing it.

  • Mike O

    SO you like this trade now? Yesterday you said something about Derosa and Fontenot. Roberts would be a HUGE help. Derosa will still get PT, and Fontenot is great off the bench. Plus he might get them something around the deadline, if they have a hole to fill.


  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    In a hurry I wrote that, meaning that I didn’t see Hendry going for a 2B. But if he will put DeRosa in RF and get Roberts instead, I’m all for it.

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