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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Ron Paul is my choice for next POTUS. If you would like to know more about this amazing man, visit: http://www.ronpaul2008.com

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s supporters raised over $6 million Sunday to boost the 10-term Texas congressman’s campaign for the White House.

Called a “Money Bomb,” the goal was to raise as much money as possible on the Internet in one day. The campaign’s previous fundraiser brought in $4.2 million.

At midnight EST, donations were over $6 million, according to the campaign Web site. Those donations are processed credit card receipts, said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. Benton said the median donation is about $50 in the fundraiser, which was the idea of Paul supporters who are not officially connected to the campaign.

Trevor Lyman, a Paul supporter who is traveling the country following the Ron Paul blimp, said the date of the fundraiser coincides with the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

The Ron Paul blimp is an aerial billboard emblazoned on one side with “Who is Ron Paul? Google Ron Paul.” The other side reads “Ron Paul Revolution.” The blimp, another grass-roots effort, was in Chester, S.C., on Sunday, and organizers hope to get it to New Hampshire before the Jan. 8 primary there.

  • dhaab

    The more I follow this phenomenon, I believe it is more about the American people FINALLY standing up against the massive political machine which has become way too big, keeps us constantly in war and is tearing down the constitution at every turn. Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, this movement will not end.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    One of the lines in the excellent documentary “Sicko” came from a French citizen who said that the government is afraid of the citizens in France. Not so here. But we need that. It’s the other way around right now. And it’s out of control.

  • shocker.

    These Ron Paul stories are cracking me up. The only time the guy appears in the press is when he raises ridiculous amounts of money in a short time. But where is he in the polls? Sure, when he talks people nod their heads and agree. But will these people really come out on voting day and cast one for him? I’m not so sure.

    Also, does anybody know where all of this money is coming from? Are there a lot of small donors? A few rich guys giving him a big chunk of change? This whole business reminds me of the Howard Dean “phenomenon.” Remember how his internet campaign was going to catapult the straight-talker into the White House? How he “revolutionized” politics? It’s the same strategy, different party, and it won’t work this time either.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I highly doubt he will win the nomination. But the groundswell of grassroots organization is neat to see, especially for a guy like him in a time like this.

    “The only time the guy appears in the press is when he raises ridiculous amounts of money in a short time.”

    Hmmm. Why might that be?

  • dhaab

    shocker, the donations are all from small-time donors like me. The average donation for him is about $120.
    The reason you don’t see him in the polls is because the mainstream media (who are owned by big corporations) do not want him to be in office and therefore don’t really do many stories about him.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Zackly, DH. As you have said before, Paul isn’t exactly “good for business”.

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