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Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Someone Still Thinks Urlacher Is the Best


“RealScouts” has posted their inside linebacker rankings over at Sporting News. I’m going to go ahead and guess that they didn’t see too many Bears games last year. They have Brian Urlacher ranked as their #1 inside linebacker. Here is their blurb on him:

Brian Urlacher 1. Brian Urlacher, Bears. He recorded 90-plus tackles for the eighth time in his nine-year career but didn’t make as many impact plays in ’08. That has a lot to do with the lack of production from the defensive line. That will change this year, and Urlacher will play with renewed energy after being left off the Pro Bowl roster.

He shouldn’t have even been ranked above Ray Lewis, who they have at #4. But they also have him ahead of James Farrior and Patrick Willis. That seems insane at this point.

Perhaps Urlacher will revert to form with Lovie Smith taking over the defensive calls. But then again, doesn’t Urlacher have the ability to call audibles for the defense? Whatever the case, to list him first these days is a gift.

  • dhaab

    I applaud your candor when it comes to players like Urlacher, Zoner.

    I think Brian has had a very good career, but he’s CLEARLY on the downside of his career and nowhere near the player he used to be. But he plays middle linebacker for the Bears and that means he’ll always be overrated by the media.

    BTW, that RealScouts list also has Chris Johnson rated as the 10th best running back in the NFL and they even put Chris “Beanie” Wells in their top 20 RB’s. Clearly, the folks who put these ratings together were a bit clueless.

  • http://www.bearsbakcer.com Jake Perper

    I totally agree with you about Urlacher. My dad has been saying for the last two years that he has slowed down and I totally saw what he was talking about last season. Nice article. Realscouts are obviously not very smart if the put Brian #1. I would love for him to be #1 though this season and if the pass rush is very good, he could have a big season.


  • http://leshockvalue.com shocker.

    Coming soon:

    “If you want the answer to your question, it’s on sportingnews.com.”

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