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Monday, June 18th, 2018



“We’re a very good team for [162] games, but we don’t do nothing after that,” he said. “That’s the difference. We’re not put together for [a short series].”- Alfonso Soriano

Soriano was 1-14 in the NLDS.

It’s an intersting statement because this is a guy who is seemingly as streaky as they come. I guess his streaks just don’t come in October. He looked absolutely clueless at the plate.

I’ll also go ahead and ring this bell again: there is no way this guy should be batting leadoff. He doesn’t work pitchers or draw many walks. He doesn’t run as well he used to. After stealing 30 or more bases in 5 of 6 seasons prior to joining the Cubs, Soriano has just 19 in each of his 2 years here. Plus he’s not a very smart baserunner; and that’s being kind.

I’m not sure Derrek Lee is a #3 hitter anymore. And it makes no sense to have your big power bat in Soriano batting behind the pitcher. DLee should move to 5th, batting after ARam and Soriano. Or maybe DLee goes to the 2 hole with Soto hitting 5th.

Whatever the case, Soriano’s statement is about as dumb a comment I’ve ever heard.

  • dhaab

    Who knows the reasons why all of these Cub players seem to go cold in the post season?

    I think it would help if the organization would stop doing ridiculous things like hiring Priests to bless the field before the playoffs. That’s just ignorant on multiple levels.

  • pv

    I wouldn’t say Soriano’s comment is dumb, just self-indicting – honestly, I came to the same conclusion before I read his quote. But something tells me we came to the conclusion differently. Here’s how I got there:

    The Cubs do not have enough A level talent. They have a lot of B/B+ players. Marmol is the only one I rate an A, though arguments could be made for Soto based on his position. Their strength comes from the fact they don’t have many C level players either. This is just a long-winded way of saying their strength is depth of good players and/or they are more built for the long season than the short one.

    I was thinking they might be better off having talent that’s more concentrated in fewer players. Everyone in their lineup can be pitched to. And in the playoffs, everything is exposed, better pitchers execute more precisely, and the result is what we saw.

    This of course is where Soriano’s comment is self-indicting, because he is the poster boy. He’s a mistake hitter. You don’t see as many mistakes in the playoffs, they make him lay off pitches he can’t, and ergo, he doesn’t produce.

    Just look what having a hitter of Manny’s talent does – the Cubs have no one that good. Not even a Howard or Utley. And on the pitching side, no Santana or Sabathia – or even a Cole Hamels.

    Yes, I’m laying out the baseball equivalent of the superstars win championships argument, but the experience of the last couple years has me thinking there’s something to it. It doesn’t excuse the tight play, certainly, and a left-handed bat of consequence has to be on the shopping list, but where’s the top line talent really?

    Sorry so sloppy.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I don’t disagree, per se, but 2 things: they still puked all over themselves and Soriano is supposed to be THAT GUY.

    And had they performed up to the levels they played in the reg. season and still lost, I would totally agree. But Dempster and Zambrano didn’t and neither did most of the offense. Who did Arizona have last year?? Chris Young?

  • pv

    Oh yes, not excusing the puking, but at the same time isn’t puking what players who aren’t good enough do? Or more to the point, isn’t the puking of some that the truly great are there to compensate and overcome?

    And my point is – and I’m sure you agree, and this is why the comment is self-indicting – is that Soriano isn’t that guy – he never was, or will be, no matter how much he makes – and I think he’s prolly the only one who thinks he is that guy. I honestly don’t believe Lou thinks so, and prolly not even Hendry.

    But yeah, the theory has holes, I was just riffin’ a bit – then again, I was thinking of a team like the Rays, and is there anyone on the Cubs you would trade Longoria or Upton for? Or to use your Dbacks example, how about Upton or Jackson or Drew? I mean, would you trade Loney for Lee even?

    I’m saying no. Just offering some fodder.

  • Dean

    I never understood why he was a leadoff hitter either, never made any sense with a guy that always swings for the fence and is almost always embroiled in an 0-2 count. He limps when he runs and always seems baffled when on base and leading off. He’s definitely not a guy who’s a threat to run when on base.

    In either case, and maybe I’m crazy, but wouldnt it be worth a shot to try out Fontenot at the lead off spot? I’d rather have DeRosa over Fukodome in RF, especially if Fukodome continues to be a non-threat at the plate in 2009. I think Fukodome is good defensively, but if DeRosa is healthy he’s shown he can make some great defensive plays in RF.

    Fontenot always gets a clutch hit, hits the ball to all fields and always works the count into a favourable situation. He’s got good speed and in essence, could be a prototypical lead off man.

    I’ve heard comments about ACTUALLY trying to get Roberts in the off season, but why not use a guy we already have on the roster who’s been pretty much delegated to spot duty or as a pinch hitter?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Good comments. I would disagree about DeRosa in RF though. I think he is average at best.

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