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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



No banal prose to be found over at Sports Blah. Maybe too many jokes about genitalia, especially the male-type, but the ‘dorks on sports’ know how to tap that keyboard. The end result is taking something that is usually staid–in this case a review of a trip to Philly and Citizens Bell Park–and making it funny and colorful. The Blah is one of the reasons I love blogs. You won’t find writing like that in any newspaper. Surely not from your local sports columnist, where banal prose not only flows it gushes.

And by gosh, half of the Blah loves the Bears. So go read that review.

  • <span class="anon-comment-author">Big D</span>

    I had this conversation recently with baseball fan, although not a Cub fan. He said that the Cub’s need to give up on Wood and Prior and move on. I had a hard time grasping with that notion. I can make an argument for keeping both, although the Wood arguement is the weaker of the two. Here’s my reasoning:

    Wood – Club option for $13m next season. Not even the Cub’s are that dumb. They have a buyout for $3m. I can see Hendrey working something out that offers some incentive filled contract for next year. What team will offer more? or any? And don’t expect much; spot starter, middle reliever, long relief (think Rusch). I like Wood. He’s got stones.

    That leads to Prior. No stones. But smart. I always felt he was trying to milk as much out of his career as posible. Every time he feels the slightest twinge, “shut’r down”. Saving himself for the long run. That act has gotten old. He is nearing the end of his contract. Free agency is around the corner. He realizes he needs to turn it on again. Maybe pitch with some pain (old time baseball). And he is young. And he has known what it was like to pitch well. And he knows what it takes to win. And he is relatively inexpensive, for now.

    The thing is, the Cub’s can not go into next season relying on Wood or Prior. If the team can make some moves to bring in two quality starters, then Prior becomes the #4 or #5 on the staff. He could do well in that spot. And Wood could do well in the pen.

  • http://chicagozoner.blogpsot.com <a href="http://chicagozoner.blogpsot.com" rel="nofollow">The Zoner</a>

    Big D and Mike D respond at nearly the same time–circadian rhythm working.

    Good to see you both commenting!

    Isn’t it sad that “Prior as 4 or 5″ is even a legitimate option?

    As for Wood, I think they should buy him out, obviously. Then the question is can they get someone better than him for the money. What will that money be? I don’t know. But where I disagree with Big D is that someone will throw him a few mill guaranteed. And the Cubs will not do that. So it’s buh-bye to one of the greatest pitching prospects ever.

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