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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



Apparently Phil Rogers is running out of things to write. Because this has to be one of the most insane things I have read all hot stove season.

Rogers writes about the Garland for Cabrera trade today and offers a few thoughts on it. Deep breath, Sox fans. Here’s one of them:

Or maybe Cabrera would snap up the offer they made to Fukudome — $50 million over four years. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, either, as it would secure a position at which the Sox have few attractive internal options.

Cabrera is a fine player. He’s excellent defensively. He can steal a base. Likely will hit for average. A bit of pop in his bat. But overall he’s fairly average offensively and he would be 34 when this extension kicks in. I don’t know of too many shortstops who are worth $12 million+ per year at age 37. Of course, I don’t think he would be worth that in 2009.

If the Sox were to spend that type of money, wouldn’t investing in a younger pitcher like Garland be more appropriate?

Cabrera is good. Just not that good.

Rogers adds: “Signing Cabrera through 2011 would add some direction to an organization that needs it.”

What’s the quote–don’t confuse activity with achievement?

  • dhaab

    What’s the difference between Cabrera making that kind of money at that age and Fukodome?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    they are 3 years apart to begin with. And also Cabrera won’t likely have the offensive impact Fukudome will in relation to on-base or slugging.

    As I wrote above, I don’t know of too many shortstops who are worth $12 million+ per year at age 37. Fukudome is a corner outfielder. Big difference between that and playing gold glove caliber shortstop at a later age.

  • dhaab

    Why is there a big difference? You still have to be fast and have good reflexes for either position. Who’s to say Cabrera couldn’t become a 2nd baseman in a few years?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    well he could. But why would you want a $12 million who at that point will struggle to get to 750 OPS? The main point in all of my salary issues is basically VORP. And I don’t mean the direct stat but just generally. You could get a farm system kid to do what he can do in those years for about 11 million less.

  • dhaab

    And that’s my point about Fukodome as well. Given the likely stats he will accumulate, the Cubs could fairly easily fill his shoes in a corner outfield position over the final two years of his deal for MUCH less money. My guess is that his signing was more about him being a left handed bat and making Cubs merchandise more marketable to the Japanese American community.

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