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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Not Arizona. STL. Valued reader DHaab sends along this awesome pic that shows the ingenuity of our slighty Southern rivals. I love it.

DHaab likes to get on me because I “hate” the Cardinals. But it’s more of a life-long distaste. (Yes, even if this post’s title says different) This photo is the type of stuff that makes rivalries great. Nicely done, Cards fans. That being said…

Hey, nice offseason you’ve had. I like all the moves your “GM” made. Khalil Greene should really put you guys over the top! And with no Troy Glaus for the first month or more, it could be uh-oh time by the time May gets here. If the Birds start out say, 9-19, does Mullet King get the axe? Doubtful–the Cardinals are much too cheap to pay someone else while the Delicate Genius is still cashing checks.

Cubs Suck: The Snow Version

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  • dhaab

    LOL Well done, Zoner. And BTW, the Cubs really do SUCK…for 100 years and counting. ;)

  • Schmidty

    Funny aside…my high school is celebrating its 150th anniversary in two years and I’m helping on a planning committee. One idea is to create a series of t-shirts that mention things that have happened in Chicago since we opened. The one I liked best had a St. Pat’s logo on it along with “Chicago Cubs, 1908 World Series Champs…we were there.” :)

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