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Wednesday, January 24th, 2018



Wow! Just got an e-mail from the excellent Draft Sharks with a list of Super Bowl Predictions from around the country. Some of them are shocking. Throw yours in if you have one.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sportsline: Pittsburgh vs. Carolina
Dave Richard, CBS Sportsline: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
William Foote, Ultimatecapper.com: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Ty Gaston, Ulitmatecapper.com: Denver vs. Arizona
Adam Schein, FOXSports.com: Cincinnati vs. Carolina
Peter King, Sports Illustrated: Indianapolis vs. Dallas
Dr. Z, Sports Illustrated: Miami vs. Carolina
John Clayton, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Trey Wingo, ESPN: Miami vs. Carolina
Michael Irvin, ESPN: Denver vs. Dallas
Ron Jaworski, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Chris Mortensen, ESPN: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
Len Pasquarelli, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Michael Smith, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Merrill Hoge, ESPN: Cincinnati vs. Dallas
Tom Jackson, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Mark Schlereth, ESPN: New England vs. Carolina
Sean Salisbury, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Mike Golic, ESPN: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
ESPN SportsNation Poll: Indianapolis vs. Carolina
Doug Kretz, Scouts Inc: Denver vs. Seattle
Jake Jarmelli, American Sports Analysts: Kansas City vs. Dallas
Mike Beas, Herald Bulletin: Indianapolis vs. New York Giants
Micah Joel, Mad Sanity: Cincinnati vs. Arizona
Adam Stone, DeafDC.com: Denver vs. Carolina
Greg Melikov, Sportsbook.com: Indianapolis vs. Dallas
Chris Schultz, TSN Canada: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
Ron Borges, MSNBC.com: Cincinnati vs. Carolina
Jason Whitlock, ESPN Page 2: Baltimore vs. Washington
Gary Myers, Daily News: New England vs. Dallas
Hub Arkush, Pro Football Weekly: San Diego vs. Carolina
Dan Arkush, Pro Football Weekly: Indianapolis vs. Seattle
John Miller, Draftsharks.com: Kansas City vs. Atlanta
Lenny Pappano, Draftsharks.com: San Diego vs. Carolina

As for me? Seattle vs. Indianapolis. I think that right now on paper it makes the most sense.

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