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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



Random thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday…

Despite the low score, I found the game to be very exciting and entertaining. The Giants D-line should have been the MVP though. They absolutely dominated the Pats’ O-Line, battering Brady and causing a slew of holding and false start penalties.

While our little window of a coach’s life on the sideline can’t tell the entire story, it sure seems to me that Tom Coughlin may be the most miserable coach in the world.

Tom Petty was awesome.

As they made way to the postgame show, Curt Menefee gave the final score and said “All you can say about this is: Wow!”. Hmmm. I’m pretty sure there were some other things Menefee could have said after possibly the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. Hey, Menefee could write for Zoner Sports.

Couldn’t agree more with the Trib’s Dan Pompeii: ” If Sen. Arlen Specter (R.-Pa.) thinks he has nothing more pressing to concern himself with than Spygate, then we have one too many senators on Capitol Hill.” Amen.

I couldn’t help but think about the Bears while watching the Giants pull off the remarkable win. Shouldn’t that have been them last year? Gritty and Gutty, great defense, young quarterback…

Props to Eli Manning. I thought he would poop himself considerably and instead he played very well. I will say though that in the 4th quarter he had a series of scrambles where he was holding the ball away from his body with one hand and I was certain he was going to get stripped or fumble.

When do you think the first article will come out with Randy Moss dissing something about the gameplan or the Pats?

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Random follow up thoughts.

    “The Giants D-line should have been the MVP” = TRUE DAT!

    Spygate? Everyone tries to steal signals. It’s not that big of deal. I’m sure some defenses know opposing QB’s audibles. If you really want to level the playing field you need to look into things like the Vikings piping in additional noise. The Packers turning off heaters on opponent sidelines, head set communication going dead in the last 2 minutes of the game (Right Brian Griese?).

    I want ACDC for a 1/2 time show :)

    For me, the best game along with the biggest upset is when Elway got his first ring over the heavily favored Packers in San Diego.

    1. Why didn’t Belichick make better half time adjustments?
    The first half played exactly the same as the first half except NE did not get any turnovers and NYG actually scored in the red zone instead of either turning the ball over or kicking a fg.

    2. Why did Belichick go for it on 4th & 13?
    Certainly that didn’t change the game but wtf. That was one stupid call. It gave any momentum NE had back the G-men.

    Can you say “out coached”?

  • dhaab

    For all those who think “well, everyone tries cheating by stealing signals, so who cares” I have a different perspective. If your team lost the Super Bowl to a team which possibly was affected by that team videotaping your closed practices and other things which cross the line between fair play and downright cheating, then you may feel differently about this spy stuff. I think most teams try stealing signals, BUT I also think the Patriots go to great lengths to find out information about the play calling of their opponents and I think that is why this should be investigated. Look at the Goodell press conference during Super Bowl week as a prime example of why this whole thing was basically brushed off by the league. Yes, they penalized the Pats a draft pick and some money, but did they really do much of a check into how far this team is taking their cheating? I think not. I think there is much more that will come of this in the months ahead.

    Finally, I will say that I made a bunch of coin on the Super Bowl. I couldn’t believe the Pats were a 13 point favorite in that game. :)

  • Big D

    Randon thoughts, continued…

    I had not planned on watching the Superbowl this year, just not feeling it. But I sat and watched with the wife and kids and had a great time.

    The wife and enjoyed Tom Petty also. The kids never heard of him. Punks!

    Brady had not spent that much time on his back since…last weekend in New York.

    dhaab – what do you mean you can’t believe the Pats were 13 point favorites? They set the NFL record for points in a season and, oh yeah, didn’t lose a game ALL SEASON!

    I think we will be seeing the “Manning escapes sack for big 3rd down play” forever! I can’t think of many bigger, more impressive plays on both ends in a Superbowl.

    And Lis, I agree with you. Out-coached!

  • Schmidty

    Hey, don’t the Pat’s have a top five pick anyway this season from another team? So fining them a draft pick isn’t a big deal, since it’s THEIR low draft pick. If I’m wrong on all this, sorry…go back to what you were doing. :)

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Big D… never heard of Petty? …punks :P

    Another way Belichick was out coached by not continuing to run screen plays. Welker had 3 of them that all went for 8-10 yards. NE also had a couple failed screens but you’ve got to keep running plays that take advantage of an aggressive defense. Force the defense to break their coverage then go deep.

    Watched the 4th Q again last night, beautiful thing my friend.

  • http://www.windycitysportsblog.com WindyCitySportsBlog.com

    I was also surprised that the Pats didn’t go to Welker more often, but the Giants were damn good stopping the screen all year. I think another element was the end play of Strahan and Umenyiora that also helped distance the screen to Faulk. Even if the ends overpursued, the Giants LB’s were great all year with coming up (Mitchell/Torbor/Pierce) and making one-on-one tackles. I’m not sure of the official stat, but NY had the edge (slightly) in T.O.P., something that’s hard to come by when against the Pats. The Giants defense needed to keep the Pats offense off the field and they did just that and even knocked Brady down 18 times.

  • dhaab

    Big D, well the reason I was surprised the line was so high was because the Pats hadn’t been playing that well for the past 5 games. They were BARELY winning their games. If they had been blowing everyone out like earlier in the season, I would have understood the line being big. Oh, and BTW, I was correct in being surprised because they lost. :)

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