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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018



So, are there any free agent QBs out there? Just kidding. We already signed one last year anyway. It’s one thing to lose 29-17 to a Hall of Fame QB, a Hall of Fame coach and a Hall of Fame WR. It’s entirely another thing to lose to them and never once smack them in the face.

You’d think a team that has a rich history filled with punishing hitters and menacing tacklers would come out and attack. This group looked more like a Bear fazed by one or more tranq darts. The defense chose to let an All-World QB dictate the game. The most nascent of fans could reveal what a faulty game plan that was.

Indeed, one of those in the room where I watched said “Why don’t they do something?” The only reply was “I don’t know”.

We could sit and pick apart certain aspects of the game. But the main thing is the Bears defense did not attack. It was baffling. A downpour of rain mixed with wind and they continued to sit back and let Manning pick them apart underneath. The Bears seemed determined not to allow any big plays. They still did, the Colts devoured the time of possession and thoroughly dominated the Bears. Not getting to Manning, not jamming the wideouts, safeties 30 yards down the field.

This is not a total analysis. But it just seemed that the Colts came to play. The Bears came to watch.

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  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    What happened, Ron Riveria?

    The Superbowl turned out to be one big 2nd half of disappointment. Everyone’s on Rex for the two interceptions and the two fumbled snaps (one he recovered). The reason we lost the game is deeper then that.

    Bears were down 16-14 at half time coming out of a horrible second quarter. Horrible because we fumbled twice and Peyton Manning was having his way with the defense. The only thing that kept the game close was Peyton’s inability to score in the red zone twice. Still we go into half time only down 2 points. The coaching staff is allowed extra time during the half to make adjustments thanks to our friend Prince (sarcasm).

    The whole second half of the game the DEFENSE PLAYED EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST HALF. They played their precious cover two taking away the deep pass, effectively taking away Wayne and Harrison but left the rest of the colt nation open underneath. EXACTLY the same thing as the first quarter. If the defensive line was getting pressure on Manning that would be one thing, but they weren’t. Manning was only touched TWICE all game! One time he threw a TD and the other he was sacked. Even when we desperately needed the ball in the fourth quarter we played that same defense. At one point even Urlacher yelled over to the sideline to say “we are playing too conservatively”.

    I heard a radio personality say after the game that losing Rivera is the same as losing Buddy Ryan after Superbowl 20. What a bunch of BULL CRAP! Buddy Ryan created a defensive scheme no one had ever seen before. Buddy Ryan ran stunts on the defensive line (Do you remember seeing even 1 stunt in the SB?), and most importantly Buddy Ryan knew how to make HALF TIME ADJUSTMENTS!!!

    For crying out loud, if you give a hall of fame quarterback time to throw… you’re cooked. That’s why Tom Brady beat us and that’s why Peyton Manning beat us. The Bears crushed Joe Montana on their way to Superbowl 20. You have got to pressure the QB, ESPECIALLY when you’re playing in a driving rain. Remember on the first TD to Reggie Wayne that ball was a complete duck Peyton threw up. If the corner was in man, OR if Chris Harris had played his position correctly that ball is knocked down, intercepted, at the very least Wayne is tackled.

    So after four playoff games in the last two years our vaunted defense has given up 29 pts to Carolina, 24 pts to Seattle, 14 pts to the Saints, 29 pts to Indy. Giving up TWENTY FOUR points a game in the play-offs is not the characteristic of a top rated defense and ESPECIALLY not the characteristic of a top rated defensive coordinator. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RON RIVERA GO AWAY.

    Side notes to the Superbowl. Thomas Jones was all set-up to be the MVP just as I predicted 130 all purpose yards a 7.5 yard/carry average. Devin Hestor ran one back, as I predicted. In the end the defense and turnovers were the factor, we gave the game away. Mushin Muhammad should be fined a game check for not finishing the tackle on the interception that was run back for a TD. Cedric Benson better have a freakin’ broken leg. Rex isn’t totally off the hook but I do think he deserves another season to mature. Lets see how much he grows between the start of this season and the end of next season. With all his faults he still brought us to the Superbowl which is more then we can say about 24 QB’s we’ve had since Jim McMahon.

    Oh yeah one more thing, after Devin ran back his record sixth kick Coach Smith said “We’ve got to get the ball into Devin Hestor’s hands more” and Lis said “You think?”. Devin Hestor was not in on offense once after Smith said that. You’d think at the VERY LEAST Devin would line up as a WR go in motion fake the end around and hand off to one of our running backs up the middle. We have the most fear open field player in special teams history and coach doesn’t even use him as a decoy???? Come on now.

  • PB

    PB predicted 31-18 Horseshoes mang! If Rivera wants to come to Detroit, I’ll pay for the gas mang! FIRE MILLEN!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Hard to argue with anything you wrote there. Just talking to colleagues today I guess I’m most steamed that they didn’t play more bump & run/man coverage.

    You would think with the elements that jamming the wideouts would throw off timing and give the front four more time to get to Manning. Instead, they sat back. I would have started by blitzing the heck out of him. I don’t think you were going to see many deep passes. The only one they gave up was a wounded duck in blown coverage. ARRHGGHHG

  • http://thearmchairquarterback.blogspot.com/ Mike (The Armchair QB)

    I too was baffled by the Bear’s conservative approach on defense. Didn’t they learn anything from Baltiore? They may have lost to the Colts but the Ravens knew how to get into Manning’s head.

  • http://blog.jasonkearney.net jasonk

    My favorite part of last night’s game was Indy’s dominance of the clock. By the time the Bears offense took the field in the second half, they had been off the field for about an hour and a half of clock time. When you dominate the time of possession like that, it is really hard to lose a game. It was a brilliant performance by the Colts. Although I sympathize with you Bears fans (I like the Bears, and Coach Smith played and coached here in Tulsa), the Bears did not give away this game. They just never got the chance to score, because they didn’t have the ball.

  • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Tom

    I was encouraged at the coin toss when the Bears won and elected to receive. Look at the Colts/Patriots game. The momentum started at the end of the first half and carried thru the first possession of the second half. Same here. I didn’t think Manning deserved MVP but how do ou give it to the entire defensive line of the Colts? They really only gave up 3 points if you consider the special teams and Bears defense were responsible for Chicago’s first 14 points.

    Lovie Smith is a good coach. Dungy was just a little bit better, I think. When Reggie Wayne made that big play the Bears played it safe after that. This is a coaching mistake more than a player’s mistake.

  • http://blog.jasonkearney.net jasonk

    Good points, Tom. Anyway, how would you fit the whole defensive line inside that Cadillac?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Isn’t it great that Manning makes like $19 million in salary and another $19 or so in endorsements and they give him a Caddy? I’m sure he’ll be driving that thing around. Like he needs a car. He looked so thrilled about it too. “Here are your keys.” “Mm. thanks.”

  • http://blog.jasonkearney.net jasonk

    Its a cool car. Maybe he will donate it to charity.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Hope so. After seeing the Real Sports segment on the NFL pension plan, maybe he can sign the seats and auction it off to help those guys.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    PB I’m glad we don’t have Millen. I wouldn’t trade ya but you can have Rivera. It definitely would be an upgrade for you… maybe. Rivera really hasn’t proven to me that he can coach. He basically runs a defense that Lovie Smith is an expert at. I’m sure Rivera makes the calls on a play by play basis but he basically runs Lovie’s D.

    Mike totally agree.

    The thing that’s killin’ me now is how people are saying that Peyton was such a master of the clock and the game. The way I see it all he did was give what the Bears gave him. If that makes him a genius then so be it. But it’s not like he had Steve Young MVP numbers 325 yards and 6 TDs.

    The numbers will tell you that the Colts were given the game. The Colts turned the ball over 3 times themselves. Then look at Peyton’s numbers 25 for 38 attempts (65%, worse the Grossman) 247 total yards 1 TD 1 int. If you take out the one TD pass to Wayne on the blown coverage Manning averaged 8.4 yards per catch! Manning wasn’t anything special he just took the underneath stuff because the Bears played too soft. Which in turn kept the offense off the field… bringing it full circle back to Rivera.

    arggg… yeah I’m bitter. I’ll get over it tomorrow… maybe :)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Well it’s Tuesday and I’m not over it yet. Not at all looking forward to an off-season of blah-blah Rex blah-blah Thomas Jones/Cedric Benson blah-blah-blah.

    Hey look everyone! Spring Training!

  • PB


  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    I hate to say it….

    But I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

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