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Tuesday, July 17th, 2018



You have to love (if you are a Cubs fan anyway) the following words from Sweet Lou, via Chicago Sports:

“We’ll take care of these pitchers. We’re not going to
abuse any of them. We want them healthy for the stretch run.”

“We try to keep pitch counts low. We have a little
more of a veteran staff here, but in Seattle, it was 110, 112, 115
pitches, and we hit 120 a couple of times. If we did hit 120, we’d back
off the next start, or the start after that.”

Zambrano has said he believes he can throw 160 pitches if that’s what it takes to win a game.

“Zambrano thinks he can throw 200 right now,” Piniella said, laughing. “And hit two three-run homers and steal four bases.”

Sweet Lou is a funny guy. I’m getting more optimistic and excited about the Cubs season.

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  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    I read the SI story on Lou and the Cubs. They all seem to have a realistic outlook toward the season: Do what it takes to win and win as a team.
    When I started following baseball I was a Reds fan (growing up in Columbus Ohio will do that) and I started to follow Pinella. He’s a great manager, motivator, and he stresses the fundamentals like Jim Leyland does. He’s also a follower of Jesus, which has helped channel his passion. He still gets riled up, but less frequently and a lot of times that can help a team like the Cubs.
    I am excited to see what happens.

  • PB

    Remember when Dusty came storming out of the dugout after the Bartman foul ball? What? You don’t? That’s because he didn’t! Sweet Lou would have gone postal mang! At least argue with the umps about fan interference for a while. Not just sit on your sorry azz mang! I think Lou will be great for this team. Tigers/Cubs series mang!

  • Your Mom

    You Cubs fans NEVER cease to amaze me. 98 years and your still hopeful as ever.

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