Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Kevin Payne details how his trade to the Rams went down [Kevin Payne's Blog] Sure ya still want Joe Johnson, Bulls fans? [Pippen Ain't Easy] Former Red Wings Exec Faces Child Porn Charge. You wouldn’t see that happen with the soon to be Western Conference champion Blackhawks! [Detroit4Lyfe] Kenny’s going through some personal issues. Also, […]

A look at some of the surprising slow starts around baseball… Aramis Ramirez Ramirez is all kinds of messed up right now. Not only is hitting a meager .139, but he has already whiffed 23 times in just 72 at-bats. A-Ram usually strikes out only about 60-65 times per season, so something is definitely wrong […]

I wonder what the next one will look like? Some kind of space age, futuristic outfit? Because I don’t think it will happen this year, or any time soon.

Along with our 101-year miserable history, we have had our share of chubbos on the Cubs. Our second inductee into the Chubby Cubbies Hall of Fame is a hefty lefty: Chuck McElroy

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