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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



After some syrupy testimony from Bears coach [tag]Lovie Smith[/tag] and [tag]Brian Urlacher[/tag], Terry “Tank” Johnson still got a sentence of 120 days in Cook County Jail.

Smith said Johnson was one of the Bears players he had gotten to know personally. He described him as pleasant and friendly, and as being well-liked by other players.

He acknowledged that Johnson had made mistakes but added that he was ready to move on as a “positive person in society.” He said jail time would be “devastating” for Johnson.

“There are good guys and there are bad guys,” Smith said. “[tag]Tank Johnson[/tag] is a good guy.”

“Tank’s not a bad guy. I know this for sure,” Urlacher said. “He made some bad decisions. He’s getting help for that.”

I’m all for being a good teammate and supporting a friend. But too bad if jail time would be ‘devastating’ for Tank Johnson. Maybe he’s a good guy for Lovie Smith and a football team. But for society? He’s just a common criminal. And not a very good one. Hopefully his time in jail will be so ‘devastating’ that he gets straight and plays it right from here on out. Because keeping guns, ammo and weed in a house with kids–while your already on probation–is hardly anyone’s definition of ‘good’.

Besides, check out that picture. They should tack on another week just for those sunglasses. He looks like that dude from Gnarls Barkley.

  • PV

    So, let me get this straight – Brian Urlacher as a character witness? Not that he’s a murderer by any stretch, but does being a male whore qualify you as witness?

    Will we get daily reports from Lovie during Tank’s incarceration. Lovie, in his slow drawl: “Tank had a good license plate making shift today.”

    (Ok, maybe I’ve got nothin’).

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