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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



I got a kick out of reading this in the Trib this morning:

“The Cubs probably would be seeking another left-handed hitter for the bench and have some veteran pitchers who are available because of Jeff Samardzija’s emergence.”

Heh heh. Truly, I don’t mean to come off as a hater. But the love for this guy is just off the charts and disproportionate to anything he has done so far. Hasn’t anyone learned that you shouldn’t fall in love with Cubs prospects that are power pitchers? Break your heart, friend.

What is this “emergence”? He’s pitched in a grand total of 3 MLB games. He’s allowed runs in 2 of them. If you are a Cubs fan, is this the addition to the bullpen you are looking for? Or would you rather see a veteran added?

I hope Samardzija is the story of the 2nd half. I hope he’s a successful Cub for many, many years. Both of those may happen. But for this year, with the deadline fast approaching, I’m hoping Hendry gets one more veteran arm. Becuase even if this kid is lights out the rest of the way, they still will need an addition to that pen.

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  • http://www.docksquadsports.com Vik C

    Haha, nice post. I won’t lie, he has looked pretty good though, no homo. But you are right, I’d love a veteran lefty in the pen. Hopefully we aren’t content with him. He is young and will have his ups and downs like we have seen in the past 3 games he has pitched in.

  • http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com Rickhouse

    Few bullpens are lights out the entire season. I expect Marmol to find his way again, and for things to straighten out once Wood returns.

  • http://thundermatt.com Jake

    Thankfully my blinding hatred of Notre Dame football has kept my emotions in check with this guy.

  • dhaab

    Good to see Cubs fans with some perspective here. The media is fawning over Jeff after a grand total of 4 innings pitched, but I’ve learned over the years that any pitcher who throws over 95 will get an inordinate amount of attention from the press, no matter what his other numbers are. Add that to him being a high profile Notre Dame grad and you get a whole lot of hype.

    He definitely throws heat, but he really doesn’t have another pitch. He needs to learn how to throw a good off speed pitch and get it over consistently for strikes. Until he does, I don’t see extended success.

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