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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



I’m starting to learn more about the issue of net neutrality. It’s rather scary. A solid primer article by NPR can be found here. And here is a great video produced by Four Eyed Monsters that goes in depth on the issue, and what’s at stake. I hope you’ll watch.

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  • http://www.handsoff.org/blog/ HOTI

    Zoner, I’m on the other side of this issue and work with the Hands Off the Internet coalition. IMO the real issue is that of broadband deployment and bandwidth. We in the US are lagging further behind and outside of many cities, broadband deployment is severely lacking.

    The reality is we facing a fast approaching bandwidth crunch given the explosion of online video content. Even staunch net neutrality supporter Google, is warning that the current infrastructure can’t handle IPTV, that’s bad news for their little $1.65 billion side project known as YouTube. As the NPR article you link to mentions with “net neutrality” regulations in place, will hinder investment in infrastructure upgrades and remove incentives for innovation as well. The large content providers like Google, Amazon, Ebay, etc. want the government to protect them from having to pay for new QoS services. Just some things to think about.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Thanks for your comments.

    But doesn’t the lack of broadband/bandwidth go back to the phone companies’ not providing the fiber?

    Since I’m new to the issue I hope you can explain that part.

  • http://www.handsoff.org/blog/ HOTI

    Sure, and thanks for your response. Basically, net neutrality legislation would make it illegal for the telcos to have the large content providers help pay for the muti-billion fiber upgrades. Here are two excerpts from articles that will give you more detail on this point.

    “Advanced networks cost billions of dollars to deploy and need to generate predictable revenue to make business sense. The infrastructure companies are unanimous in their belief that offering premium services with guaranteed bandwidth will be necessary for them to justify their investments. Quality-of-service issues alone are likely to require tiering, because in a world of finite bandwidth, people won’t want high-value services like video and voice if they can be degraded by the peer-to-peer applications of teenage neighbors.”


    “Wall Street will finance new telco and cable fiber optic projects, but only with some reasonable hope of a profit. And that is what net neutrality could squelch. Google, for example, has guaranteed $900 million in advertising revenue to MySpace and paid Dell $1 billion to install Google search boxes on its computers; YouTube partnered with Verizon Wireless; MySpace signed its own content deal with Cingular. But these kinds of preferential partnerships, where content and conduit are integrated to varying degrees — and which are ubiquitous in almost every industry — could be outlawed under net neutrality.”


  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I think it’s interesting that HOTI is supported by AT&T, one of the corp. in the video that gets a beatdown.

    So if phone companies have received 25 billion in tax breaks and revenues have surged over 120% in that time, why haven’t they already built the fiber, which they promised to do years ago?

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