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Saturday, July 21st, 2018



Here’s the problem with the whole Lovie Smith contract situation. It’s almost a lock that the Bears low-balled a coach who had them in the Super Bowl in the 3rd year of his tenure. And I could stop there. Because I think that is enough of an indictment on the Bears to reveal their true colors. But I won’t.

If it’s true that they have not offered him five years and it’s also true that they are not offering at least $5 million per season, then the Bears should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, if you have no shame that’s difficult to accomplish. It’s a massive smack in the face to Smith. Even if you think he hasn’t done a fantastic job, he certainly has a fantastic record. He’s earned a new deal and one that is at least fair market value.

The Bears, as usual, come off looking beyond cheap. And of course the Bears can do what they want. But if their first offer was not 5 years and $25 million they are a joke. The NFC North–maybe even the entire NFC– is there for the taking over the next few seasons. But the Bears will let money get in the way as they have in the past.

The deal may get done. And maybe I live in a dream world. But if I was the Bears after the Super Bowl I would have said to him “What would you like?”. I bet Smith wouldn’t ask for anything outlandish. And then I would have gave it to him, realizing what a good thing they have going with Smith and Angelo. But that’s not the Bears style, which is a big part of why they have been to only 2 Super Bowls in 20+ years.

Steve Rosenbloom has some more great stuff on this here.

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