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The Matt Forte Discussion
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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

The Matt Forte Discussion


Bloggers, sports yakkers and your co-workers are all talking about the Bears, and more specifically the lack of production from Matt Forte.

The O-line is brutal. Forte isn’t getting the holes he had last year. That’s everybody’s main concern. It’s kind of hard to put the decrease in production on Forte until he gets some consistent, solid blocking up front. However, Forte does look different on the field. Here’s what I see:

  • He goes down more on first contact
  • He’s running into the line with his head down (aka The Aging Neal Anderson)
  • When he gets to the outside, linebackers catch him
  • Even though he was never a speedster, he looks a bit slower than last year, even on his big runs.

Could Forte’s health be a factor? Forte had a hamstring injury in the preseason. And then he got hurt in the Seattle game and said this:

“That’s part of football: You have to play hurt. You’ve got to be smart about it. But if you can play, you play. (The knee) doesn’t feel natural, but you still have to go out there and make the most of it. Part of that is on me. I’ve got to break a few tackles. I’ve got to make something happen. Once I make a little move, I have to gain 20, 30 yards. I have to pop the big one.”

I had hoped to see a more explosive Forte after the bye, but that didn’t happen. If the Bears O-Line could protect Cutler long enough so the Bears could work more passes downfield, perhaps it would open up some much needed room for Forte. But Cutler is seemingly forced to get rid of the ball quickly on every play. Plus, the Bears run wildcat with Hester. Why not with Forte?

The Bears season has been exciting to date. But we are dying to see the rookie version of Forte.

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  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.com Stormin Norman

    I guess there’s just a feeling we all have that we want to love Forte so we’ve given him the benefit of the doubt, but at some point we as fans need to accept that he might not be the second coming of Neil Anderson.

  • http://www.i94sports.com rex

    I think a lot of factors are at play here, but something is definitely wrong when a guy who never loses the ball has dropped it 3 times on the goal line and twice in consecutive plays.

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  • http://crazycantoncuts.blogspot.com CCC

    1. they used him too much last year

    2. the blocking stinks

    bad combo

  • http://www.cooperspick.com Coopers Sports Picks

    I think that Smith needs to figure out the entire direction of his team and how he can properly mold Forte in this season. On sunday nights game, plummer did make a few nice plays and his longest run of the season thus far.

  • dhaab

    Gotta say that Forte really doesn’t look the same this year. I remember the big knock on him coming out of the draft was that he runs so high and talent evaluators were concerned that he wouldn’t last very long in the NFL with that kind of running style. Maybe they were right. I have him on one of my fantasy leagues and I’m stunned at how little the Bears have used him in the passing game. Cutler doesn’t dump off to him near as much as I thought he would. But the o-line is pretty weak for the Bears, so that is probably the biggest reason for the drop off in production. Chris Williams isn’t playing like a #1 pick. Also Kreutz and Pace are just old now and not nearly as dominate as they used to be in their primes.

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