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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



10. Postponed I Reckon’: Affliction’s 2nd show, “Day of Reckoning”, had to be postponed to January. Assume Vegas heavyweight UFC had a big role in making sure Tom Atencio and Co. weren’t going to have a successful go in Zuffa’s hometown.

9. But Before You Say They’re Finished: There’s word of a possible teamup with Oscar De la Hoya and his prmotion team. So don’t write Affliction’s death certificate yet. Don’t expect them to overtake UFC if they do join forces either.

8. M.I.A.: As long as were talking about MMA promotions struggling to put on a second show, where the heck is Adrenaline MMA? Is the show still alive?

7. This RNC Ain’t a Choke: Heavyweight fighter Jeff Monson was among the sea of anarchists doing what they do best at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. It’s safe to say the McCain/Palin ticket won’t be getting Jeff’s vote.

6. Rashad title shot: A highlight reel KO, his first quality win over a current 205er since Jason Lambert back in 2006 gets him an immediate title shot. Dana White cares more about spectacular finishes than win streaks.

5. Lyoto Still Waiting: Machida, still “running” for that title shot, huh? You could be “running” for a long time. Refer to #6.

4. Konichiwa Bunnies: Strikeforce signs another topnotch Japanese talent for its show at the Playboy Mansion. Mitsuhiro Ishida joins Kazuio Misaki. Good to see Strikeforce working to get top fighters from Japan onto US soil because they usually put on an exciting effort.

3. Together Again: This is sooo MTV(think Real World reunion show) but SpikeTV features an Ultimate Fighter marathon this weekend, featuring cast members from season one discussing the shows impact and sharing behind the scenes stories. It’ll be interesting to hear them all share how the show has impacted their careers. Plus I wanna see Joe Rogan put the Matt Lauers and Charlie Gibsons of the world to shame by asking how much being the show has helped them score “tail.”

2. UFC Fight Night: Speaking of TUF, two TUF winners are in the spotlight next week on UFN 15. Nate Diaz faces Josh Neer, and Mac Danzig faces Clay Guida. Danzig/Guida has early favorite for fight of the night. We’ll also see if Houston Alexander polished those anemic ground skills. If not, Eric Schafer’s gonna tie him in a box and mail him home. Don’t worry, it’ll be a short trip since the fight is already in Nebraska.

1. Evan Tanner: It was good to see Evan back in the UFC after his personal problems with drugs and alcohol. The former UFC MIddleweight Champion will be missed. He’s truly a figure from the old school and a solid example of the evolution of the current MMA fighter. In the beginning he was self taught, proceeded to develop his ground game over the years, then his Muay Thai (ask Phil Baroni about those skip knees). Even after winning the belt he sought to improve his boxing, knowing he’d need to improve his hands against Rich Franklin. And in his comeback Tanner was an evolving fighter. He was proof that no matter how bad things in life get, you can always work to get yourself back on track. Rest in peace.

  • http://knutson.tumblr.com Chubonut

    He doesn’t like to tell this story… But the legend says that one time at Busch Gardens Dom Abato choked out an alligator after it escaped from its tank.
    He now wears that alligator in the form of boots.

    Thanks again DOM…. Thanks again


  • http://knutson.tumblr.com Chubonut

    I mean DON… Thanks again DON.
    My fingers are Chubby.. hence the name

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I got chubs for you (Tim & Eric).

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