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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018




My man Don Abato is back with the latest installment of “The MMA Ten”. In this edition, he lets loose on BJ, talks GSP and the Spider and wonders about Jens Pulver.

10. Greason, I mean reason 1: BJ Penn’s camp may file a complaint GSP greased w/ Vaseline during the fight.   Vaseline wasn’t the reason BJ barely landed any punches Georges’ face.

9. Is BJ Even Interested? BJ sure talked a lot of trash before the fight, only to eat his words.  Now SI.com reports BJ could be retiring from competition, and the UFC lightweight champ was considering this before meeting St. Pierre in the Octagon.  Makes us wonder exactly when BJ lost his heart for the sport. Especially when he recently said he would fight for another 10 years.

8. Greason, I mean reason 2: Forget hours rolling on the mat at the gym, Vaseline gave GSP the technical skill to pass BJ’s guard at will to side/scarf control.

7. Another Retirement: Jens Pulver took another opportunity to bless the mat in defeat, this time against Urijah Faber.  He didn’t want to say it in his post fight, but I know it, you know it and he knows it.  Nothing else really needs to be said.  The results speak for themselves.  It’s time!

6. Greason, I mean reason 3: When GSP got Vaselined up BJ’s cardio must’ve immediately went out the window.

5. Still Alive: Tom Atencio keeps denying all the Affliction MMA going under rumors.  I keep believing him. Sometimes, all we have is faith.  Too bad faith doesn’t make up for bad bottom lines.

4. Everything is Fly: Zuffa announces the WW division of WEC is gone, but instead we’re getting a new division: 125 pound flyweights.  But I’m left wondering if they’re ever going to open a division for the fly girls?  Slowly but surely a fanbase is growing for women’s MMA.

3.  Eye Hope Not: WEC lightweight champ Jaime Varner, is recovering after his first successful title defense.  The most serious injury is a potentially detached retina which threatens the future of his fighting career.  What’s really upsetting is it may have been caused by the illegal knee Donald Cerrone gave him.  If Varner has to hang up the four ounce gloves Cerrone has to be held accountable somehow.  I realize this is the chance combat athletes take, but this is almost unacceptable to me.

2.  Eye On The Spider: GSP vs. Anderson Silva.  The next epic showdown.  As they say in the chatrooms: Zuffa Make It Happen.

1. Respect: Never forget the great contributions of Helio Gracie to the martial arts world.  A true innovator for the ages.  As revered as Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee are today, it’s safe to say Helio has directly or indirectly had the most impact on modern martial arts.  Sure, Bruce Lee preached totality in martial arts skills.  But it was Helio’s Gracie Jiu Jitsu methods sought out by practioners of the various disciplines around the world to compliment or round out their personal styles.  Gracie Jiu Jitsu has transcended style to become an important element of today’s complete hand-to-hand warrior.  Rest in Peace.

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