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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



10.  What A De-Boo: The UFC’s first ever event in the Land of Lincoln was “boo-tiful.”  This is not a good thing.  The audience voiced it’s displeasure with everything.  Too much ground in the Clementi/Maynard fight, lots of striking but no KO in the Sherk/Griffin fight, Anderson Silva clowning around with Patrick Cote and carrying the fight into the 3rd round where one of the biggest letdowns in MMA history took place.  As disappointed as the folks in attendance were, Dana White announced they took in a gate of $2.8 million breaking the previous Allstate Arena record held by the WWE.
9.  Station Situation: In our current crappy economy, Nevada Casinos are starting to feel it too.  Station Casinos, owned by the Fertittas (who own Zuffa), are experiencing problems with slowing revenue and rising debt.  It’s so bad Standard and Poor put the company on its Creditwatch list.  Affliction’s VP Tom Atencio wishes, errr predicts they’ll go out of biz.
8. Make Up Coming Up: Talking about WEC 36 on Versus.  The event was originally scheduled for a September date, but Hurricane Ike played spoiler.  Uriah Faber vs Mike Brown in the main event and Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen.  Gimme Urijah and Filho.
7. Kimbo Invitation: Dana offers the internet fighting sensation a life preserver for the 15 minutes of fame ocean he’s drowning in.  Kimbo has an invitation to try out for the SpikeTV show “The Ultimate Fighter” and try to win/earn his way into the UFC.  This of course when they decide to spotlight heavyweights, which they haven’t done since the 2nd season.  Dana pretty confident Kimbo cannot hang with the noobs.  I agree.
6. Princess Leah: I met Rachelle Leah at the UFC weigh ins.   I’m proud cuz I kept my composure and didn’t come off the pig-pervert I usually am.  She’s cool.  I really have nothing clever to say, other than we shook hands. But I’d like to point out she touched the hand that….
5.  Jumping Junie-per: Junie survives to stay on the The Ultimate Fighter.  You all hate him, but you still tune in to watch.  I’m sure you’re reding his blogs at the ‘Dog too.  If his ability can hang with his stupidity/immaturity then he could be the next Chris Leben.  All the casual fans love that gimmick.   Don’t you love TUF-built characters.
4.  Alves-ment: Thiago’s strkiing and T-Down-D looked sharp against Koshcheck at UFC 90.  He’s tied a UFC record now with 8 straight wins.  If he doesn’t work out at 170 he’s a definite keeper to move into the 185 division.  Fans are buzzing about this guy.  Being a striker immediately makes him a fan fave, and women are no doubt punch drunk on the Brazilian’s studliness.  He’s money, and he knows it!
3.  American Top Tussle: Alves’ teammate, Marcus Aurelia, isn’t having the same luck.  Bad blood lingers between “Maximus” and former ATT’er Hermes Franca.  Aurelia lost a decision to Franca, and he wouldn’t shake up with his former student after the announcement.  It ain’t squashed, yo.
2.  Kang Bang: With UFC 90 getting all the MMA attention this past weekend.  While Patrick Cote didn’t have such a good time in the cage, fellow Canadian Dennis Kang was finishing off his opponent in dominating fashion. Kang faced Marvin Eastman in “Raw Combat: Redemption” out of Calgary.  The Pride veteran needed just :48 seconds to pound “The Beast” for a flawless victory.  After a tough 2007 Dennis has ripped off two solid wins. Hopefully he regains the mojo that many thinking he was a top 5er at 185.
1. Super Spider: As pissed as many of you are over Anderson Silva’s performance against Patrick Cote, I’d like to point out that Silva totally toyed with Cote.  Sure he danced and ran around, but that was because at no point was Silva concerned with Cote’s offense, no matter how hard the “Predator” brought it.  Some may find the Ali shuffles and Roy Jones-type taunting out of character, but Silva was never in danger.  And the few times Silva threw, he landed, and with ease.  It’s scary how good Silva really is.  Even though he didn’t get the KO, he effective sent the message out:  The Spider has weaved himself a web to another level.
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