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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



10. 5 Wasted Minutes: Kimbo appeared on the popular ESPN talker Pardon the Interuption in the “5 Good Minutes” segment and it was obvious host Tony Kornheiser was dis-interested. Kimbo gets a laugh trying to suggest anyone out there really believes James Thompson is a top rated heavyweight.

9. Crocop’s Nuts: Overeem’s nut shots were not cool and I wince just at the thought of those knees being so hard they slammed one of Crocop’s nuts up into his gut. Instead of looking for a knockout, Crocop is waiting for a fall out, as in the little bugger dropping back into his sack.

8. Xan-tastic: After finishting Takashi Sugiura at Sengoku V, Xande Ribeiro joins his good friend Jacare as another elite BJJer into MMA. It’s great to see them making the transition and look forward to seeing others from the Jits world make the jump.

7. Look Out Tom Emansky: Shonie Carter is putting on a clinic to help aspiring TUFers prepare for the Ultimate Fighter tryouts in Chicago. Mr. International does have a lengthy resume. The obvious punchline would be are banana hammocks, chalices and pimp suits required? Guess…

6. Look Out Morgan Spurlock: Shonie is also filming a docu-drama at these training sessions. The production is called “How To Build MMA Fighters.” Again, being a pimp like Mr. International isn’t a prerequisite, cuz just like the song says “it ain’t easy.”

5. “I”-conomy: HDNet’s bid for the remaining assessts of the IFL was $650,000. Compare that to its value in 2006 which stood around the figure of $160 million. I don’t know what to say.

4. Pitbull in a Big Country: UFC fans still have Andre Arlovski in their memories and former IFL heavyweight champ Roy Nelson is the title holder they don’t know about. They’ll face each other at this week’s EliteXC. Andre is expected to win impressively. But despite a Sambo background and working with BJJ whiz Dino Costeas, Andre isn’t so confident on the ground. I’m sticking it out and calling Nelson for the upset via decision.

3. Look Up: That upkick Mousasi used to beat Jacare for the Dreams Middleweight Grand Prix was pretty sweet. Made me think of another upkick KO that happend in Japan but was never called so you don’t know about it. “Look up” the Rampage Jackson vs. Arona fight where the former UFC Champion used a powerbomb for the ages to defeat the BTT player. Earlier in the match Ricardo caught Quentin with an upkick while playing guard. Jackson admitted he was dazed, but the ref never stopped it and ‘Page was allowed to regain his senses. Too bad for Arona…

2. Dreams Ratings: We’re close to a nightmare. Damn, it doesn’t look good for the future of the Japanese MMA promotion. Shame. Although it’s not quite Pride it provides another needed outlet for professional MMA athletes to earn a legit paycheck. The necessity for competing MMA organizations/promotions is best left for another discussion.

1. Keep It To Yourself, Craig: Gina Carano appeared on Craig Ferguson’s CBS show to promote her upcoming fight in EliteXC later this week. Ferguson isn’t an MMA fan but found himself intrigued and “troubled” over finding “Conviction” so attractive despite her KO abilities. It’s not a fetish dude, she’s just that sexy. He says he’s going to do some investigation about this sexual curiousity and report back. Craig, it’s cool man no need to share whatever “investigation” you’re going to do. We get it.

  • http://www.bowtiebetting.com Matt D.

    If Arlovski comes out like he did against Ben Rothwell, I don’t think that Roy Nelson will stand a chance. How many ex-IFL guys is Arlovski going to have to go through before they give him a huge fight?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Well he was supposed to get Fedor.

  • http://espanol.sleepys.com/ Camas

    this is off topic but i just hope brock lesnar gets his ass beat. i was rooting for him until his late/post match antics, he has no respect for the sport.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    That will be a fun one to watch. Couture is giving up over 50 lbs (!). People talk about Couture’s wrestling, but Lesnar is also a dominant wrestler and has the massive size advantage.

    One more thing: people rip on Dana White a lot, but he got Couture back and I’ll bet this will get the most buys in MMA PPV history.

    Don Abato–thoughts???

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