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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



10. Shamrock Legacy: Frankie called out his half-bro Ken for tainting the Shamrock Legacy.  Is that the legacy where you are a self-titled elite fighter who successfully avoids fighting the top middleweights of the world?  Or is it something else?

9. Gina’s Weigh-In: The MMA message boards lit up when word got out Gina Carano had to get naked for her weigh in.  I’ve never seen a bigger or more desperate cry from fans than the one heard for pics or vid of the occurrence.  Big thinkers see the potential of commerce and community in the internet, but let us not forget the web’s biggest strength: meeting the nekkid celeb demands of its users.

8. Bad Call: So I whiffed on predicting Ben Nelson over Arlovski.  But the real bad call was the  bad standup by the ref in in the 1st round.  While it didn’t affect the direct outcome of the fight, it was a ridiculous call.  Who stands up a fighter working from side control?  One of the worst standups I’ve ever seen.

7. Kimblown: Finally exposed.  You know what I’m talking about.  Kevin Ferguson.  Now you know.

6. Hardcore Tactics: Dana White Announces UFC 93 for January 17, 2009 in Ireland.  There’s something else big going on that same day.  What is it?

5. Aww shhhhiiiiii……: I mean shhhh, help keep a secret.  January 17 was supposed to be the same day for the next scheduled Affliction event. Aggressive move b Zuffa to hold UFC 93 on the same date.  Dana Dub and Lorenzo Fertitta are confident it’ll outdraw Tom Atencio’s show.  Now Affliction is keeping the date of its next show on the hush-hush.  Wow, Zuffa’s swingin’ some big ones, yeah?

4. If That’s Not Enough: UFC also re-broadcasted UFC 86 on SpikeTV hoping to sway some ratings away from EliteXC’s CBS broadcast.  This practice of offering counter programming on SpikeTV to compete with EliteXC and Afflication is now SOP by Dana and the crew.

3. GSP and CAA: What does Georges St. Pierre have in common w/Derek Jeter and David Beckham?  He’s now a client of CAA Sports, a gorilla in sports representation/marketing.  Forget whatever it is Georgie has been endorsing (no offense to FCFighter and the others) but now he’ll be pushing some real brands and bringing home more bread.  Most importantly, he’ll get better exposure.  He has the qualities that made Jeter and Beck A-listers: Championship prowess, chiseled good looks and likable personality.  It’s great to see fighters break beyond the UFC and become their own face, not the promotions.  Hopefully others follow soon.

2.  Seeing Pink: Seth Petruzell’s pink hairdo is likely the last thing K-Feg remembers from the cage.  But as happy as hardcore fans are with Kimbo’s loss, the pink haired party crasher also may have helped the execs for the Tiffany’s Network to send the pink slip to EliteXC right off the network.  Promotions built on a one trick pony don’t last.  Network success may be real short-lived.

1.   Do This: It’s obvious how UFC is going to play its cards when a player like EliteXC or Affliction is going to put on a show.  So why order a future PPV when you can watch the event for free a couple months later when they rebroadcast it against anything the competition does?  I say hold off on paying the money and wait.  Knowing how UFC does things, I know that’s what I’m doing from here on out.  Let’s see how long Zuffa can deal with reduced buys on future events.  Be a “strong” consumer and make your spending decisions send a message.

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