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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Don Abato is back with this week’s edition of “The MMA Ten”. If you have an MMA question or thought, leave it in the comment section and Don will come by your house to answer. Or we’ll just make a post out of it.

10. Don’t Give Him An Oscar Yet. Direct to DVD movies are, well, I dunno. All I know is this: the studio sent me my copy of “The Scorpion King 2″ starring Randy Couture last Friday and I still haven’t opened it.

9. Fedor Shouldn’t Expect An Emmy Either. Randy’s “buddy” Emelianenko Fedor has his brittle hands in the entertainment game as well. “Fighting Fedor” is supposed to debut later this year. It’s a show where contestants compete for a chance to fight the WAMMA Champion. Question: will the fight be in Affliction, HDNet, Japan or wherever else Fedor competes? He won’t commit to one org you know.

8. Bosoming Buddies. Why call Couture and Fedor “buddies?” They’ve been seen around LA with their “people” having meetings. What are they planning? Who knows, it’s just nice to see the “man love” in MMA though.

7. Can I Give You a Ring. Speaking of love, UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is no longer on “speaking” terms with Roger Huerta. They never said exactly what their relationship was though. Supposedly he’s hooking up with superfan Laura Prepon from “That 70′s show” now. Since Celeste is uninvolved I’d like to get in on “That Arianny Show.” I realize I better take number.

6. Extreme Measures. Zuffa is going to merge the WEC fighters from upper weight classes and blend them into UFC’s divisions. That’s great since more talent will fill a middleweight division all but cleaned out by Anderson Silva. The obvious fight is matching WEC champ Paulo Filho against The Spider. But they’re boys and won’t fight each other. That is EXTREMELY disappointing.

5. To the House. Strikeforce and Playboy are doing it again! The perfect event for warm-blooded, violence-craving 18-45 males: Strikeforce at the Mansion II. This event is scheduled for September 20. I would like to attend one of these before my time on earth is finished so I can say, “I watched MMA at Hef’s house.”

4. IFL aka Interspersed Fight League. So I’ve yet to hear the official announcement that they are finito, but more and more IFL fighters are hooking up with other fight organizations. It’s kinda like following baseball free agency when trying to keep track of where all the fighters are going.

3. A Good Rogering. Roger Huerta decided to clarify some strong statements he made before the fight with Ken-Flo about UFC and getting paid, then he got his ass handed to him. But hey, his life is good enough where he can toss Arianny Celeste for Laura Prepon so you know what, stop complaining Roger.

2. Brock Your Socks Off. The potential of this dude is downright scary. Even Fedor was impressed with what he saw at UFC 87 and he isn’t one who’s easily impressed. Even more impressive, just 3 fights into his career Lesnar is already strong with some of those “stay active from top but don’t finish the fight” skills cherished by so many other MMAers coming from a wrestling background.

1. Is Penn Mightier?. After GSP’s domination of Jon Fitch the UFC teased us with posturing by Georges and B.J. Penn and talk of pitting the welterweight chapion versus the lightweight champion. But later Georgie said he wants to take a break, which could push the proposed match to next year. We we’re hoping December. At least I slugged the story “Is Penn Mightier” cuz if I changed the wording around and asked Sean Connery to read it we might hear something else. Wow, I got sidetracked there, good thing we’re done for this week’s MMA Ten.

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