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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



10.  He Blows It: Season 2 TUFer Melvin Guillard violated his probation and is back in the cell, with a ticket to rehab waiting for him.  I’m being intentional when I use puns and say Mel “blew” it and that he is part of a long “line” of fighers who look good, possess some outstanding attributes, but lack focus, heart and the skillset to succeed in fighting.  Clean your life up bub.

9. Guida Did Also?: Jason Guida couldn’t make weight for his TUF qualifying match and got booted of the show.  So EliteXC figured it’d be a good idea to sign him.  Clay’s big brother didn’t really blow it, although we did see him dry heave.  We should be more thankful of what didn’t see– talk about “tainted” love.

8. Fight Wasn’t Rigg-ed But…: Joe Riggs is having a hissy fit over his loss to Kazuo Misaki at Strikeforce At The Mansion.  Diesel says referee Josh Rosenthal called it too fast.  You get no sympathy from me!  Do something, don’t just friggin shell up when the rain is coming down and you’re stuck in a bad position.  If you’re not going to make a move to improve the situation then you don’t deserve to have the fight go on.  Riggs always seems to blow his coming out parties, so maybe he should just hang it up or stay on the local shows.  I’m sick of watching you fight.

7. Houston vs Kimbo: Houston proved how awesome he is at sucking on the ground.  Alexander should become a UFC casualty soon making him a perfect pickup for ExiteXC.   Could be a blessing in disguise though.  Alexander is a good match for Kimbo and that fight could make for an exciting slugfest.  Then again, Houston would likely be a small favorite, and if you stand a decent chance of beating the “franchise” forget about being matched up against him.

6. Trigg-NA : Twinkle Toes did some work for TNA wrestling last week.  Actually he “worked” a match taking on AJ Styles in a quote-MMA match-unquote.  Word is Frankie demanded no rear naked chokes be written into the script.  He wanted to make this believable, and he knew if this happend in this psuedo-MMA match he’d lose since he doesn’t know how to defend the move in real life.

5. Ultimate Ratings Night: UFN 15 did better in the ratings among 18-49 males than ESPN and ESPN2 combined last Wedensday night.  ESPN President George Bodenheimer responded by saying, “You know those rating systems are flawed. They don’t take into account houses that have more than two television sets and other things of that nature.”

4. Dreams Come True: Dream 6 is later this week.  This should be a great event with the middleweight grand prix finals (We’re picking Jacare), the set up for an upcoming heavyweight belt (provided Crocop and Kharitonov win), and favorites Shinya Aoki and Mach Sakurai.  What I’m really dreaming for is this event to earn decent ratings Japan to ensure the promotion’s survival.

3. MMAers Battle Wu-Tang Clan: This is not about skillz on the M-I-C, but rather chess.  Rich Franklin and Jeff Monson will take on RZA and GZA on the chess board. I’m gonna pop the first WuTang CD and listen to “Mystery of Chessboxin’.”  In case you didn’t know, chessboxing is a real sport and WuTang are really fans of it.

2. Officially Finished: The IFL finally filed for Chapter 11 last week.  But I knew it was over cuz we saw cutaway shots of IFL ring girls Emily Miller and Lori Tyler during UFN 15.  We know they never show folks from competing organizations, regardless of how poor they are performing.

1. Stick To Your Guns: KJ Noons wouldn’t budge on his frstrations with EliteXC and Jeremy Lappen took the belt away.  The MMA message boards are flooded with the arguments for and against each side.  Are we ready to label his agent Mark Dion the Drew Rosenhaus of MMA?  After all, he’s the one giving him advice and handling negotiation.

  • http://www.bowtiebetting.com Matt D.

    Crocop sure messed up the DREAM title setup. It may have been a no contest, but he definitely wasn’t winning. But I guess it doesn’t matter, I’d rather see Kharitonov-Overeem 3 anyway.

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