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Monday, June 18th, 2018



…David Wright. The reasons:

  • Overall dominance. 30 105 .322/.414/.550. 41 doubles. 34 steals in 39 attempts.
  • Hitting with RISP. Wright is hitting .313/.439/.560. He’s actually a better hitter with RISP.
  • Overcame a very slow start. Since May he has been phenomenal. In the second half he is hitting .361/.465/.607. In August he hit .394/.516/.657. He score 28 runs in 28 games. Dog days? Not for him. And he’s been hot throughout September too.
  • Carlos Delgado has been awful. Beltran has decreased his OPS this year by over 100 points. Jose Reyes down almost 50. Moises Alou has only played in 82 games. Which makes Wright’s performance all the more impressive. Wright’s OPS? Up over 50 points from last year. He’s been the glue, the man and any other superlative you can add to him.
  • He’s hit 9 of his homers against Atlanta and Philly. You’d think he would be pounding the lesser teams but he has hit only 3 against Washington and Florida.
  • In New York they are marveling at his improvement on defense. David Lennon from Newsday says “Wright would like to cut down on his errors, but his ability to charge soft rollers and throw across his body has made difficult plays look almost routine for him.” Lennon mentioned this in his August 31 column supporting Wright for MVP.

Yes, Prince Fielder and Jimmy Rollins are solid contenders. But I think Wright has to be named the NL MVP.

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  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    Matt Holliday.

    I am first in line to denounce any offensive performance by a member of the Mile High Team, and first in line to suggest they be contracted. But Holliday is a bona-fide offensive force and until this last week, has kept Colorado in the hunt. Without him, they have several talented players, but they don’t stay alive long enough to glimpse the post-season, let alone have a chance. For the whole season he has been great, and when it really mattered, for three weeks he was stellar. Without him, the Rox are barely .500 and looking forward to Spring Training.

    Your argument for Wright is impossible to ignore. He has a more than legitimate case for winning, and when the Mets have lost recently, it certainly wasn’t because Wright didn’t produce.

    Rollins will be interesting, because he is the type of guy who does the small things it takes to win. The Phillies have had troubles, but they still have the best 2nd basemen in the NL and the best power hitting firstbaseman. That poo-holes guy doesn’t count.

  • dhaab

    Tough race to call. I’m going with Holliday as well. He is simply one of the best hitters in the game now and he produced consistently for the Rockies all season long. I do think Soriano should get some votes as well. He was injured too much to win, but he was the straw that stirred the Cubs drink this year.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Soriano will get some votes, but he should not even sniff any first place votes. His OPS is only .878. He had a brutal April. He turned it on here in September, but we sure didn’t get 18 million worth or whatever he gets paid. Ramirez deserves more votes than Soriano.

    Of course if they make the postseason and he comes up big then obviously would be worth it. But his postseason numbers suck…and that is the subject of my next post!

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