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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

The Real All-Time Home Run List (Updated)



Back in June I whimsically amended the all-time home run leader list by scratching out the names of PED/Roid users. It created quite a stir and some good discussion, so it’s time to update it with some new additions. Zoner Sports presents:

The Real All-Time Home Run List


  • JimJames

    Lol at Griffey Jr. and Thome not doing steroids.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Perhaps you’re right, but there has been no evidence as of yet.

  • j smo

    Theres no chance Griffey takes steroids

  • brandon

    PED’s have been in use since before steroids. This is just the latest scientific breakthrough for athletes. This list is stupid. You don’t think any players prior to the 1990′s took speed pills, or pain killers to get a competitive edge?

  • Rob

    The Home Run list is what it is.

    Barry Bonds hit more home runs than Hank Aaron. Period. That puts him at the top of the list.

    That is the wonderful thing about sports stats. They are pure. They don’t care about steroids or sandbagging, they don’t care about betting on games or blood doping or the athlete’s political views. They simply are.

    So get over it.

  • Bob Boso

    steroids cannot teach hand/eye coordination.

  • Phleh

    Really Rob? Sports stats are hardly pure, especially from the first half of the century. Rule changes, shodding record keeping, and a whole list of different competitive advantages, some clearly illegal, shoot purity out of the question. Sports statistics are, yes, just statistics, but they hardly can be considered pure.

  • Bonez

    Mark Twain once said….There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

  • Kevin

    I kinda agree with Rob. To put together a list of “The most homeruns EVER by players who we don’t know for sure did anything that would make us question their integrity” is pretty silly. The list is what it is and now that we know some of these players “cheated” it won’t ever be what it supposedly was.

  • Tommy

    If you think Ken Griffey Jr. took steroids then you’re obviously a cynic and like looking for negative things.

  • http://sportschump.net Chris Humpherys

    hehe…. nice touch.

  • Alex

    Get a life steroids don’t make you hit homeruns for someone to make a list shows of what you do not know about baseball.

  • http://www.modsuperstar.ca/ jamEs

    If this is the real list then where is Josh Gibson and Sadaharu Oh?

  • http://www.myviralblog.com Andy Anderson

    I thought Cocaine and Meth ( Hank Aaron also produced performance enhancements such as increased strength and speed?

  • frank

    To people who say steroids don’t teach hand-eye coordination: Steroids do put more power behind the ball. A lot of those home runs could have been fly balls caught for an out. Besides, every baseball player playing in the big leagues has a high-level of hand-eye coordination to begin with or they wouldn’t be playing at that level.

  • me

    I say give them all drugs lets see how many home runs we can hit

  • Anthony

    For all the people saying that steroids don’t help you hit home runs then can you explain to me why anyone uses them? The consequences seem a little too steep for there to be no upside.

  • hawkeye

    Baseball doesn’t care about betting????? Ask Pete Rose about THAT one! And the list is NOT what it is; it’s a travesty when somebody can cheat and be called the all time home run hitter. Buffoons like YOU making uneducated statements like that are why people have no clue what a great institution baseball really is. Baseball is about tradition, history, and heroes. Ballplayers like Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, and Manny Ramirez only taint what is great about baseball.

  • glenn

    Uh…Hank Aaron admitted to amphetamine use during his career. Doesn’t that, under your rules, kind of disqualify him?

  • http://www.drunkjaysfans.com stoeten

    Hawkeye, the problem with your righteous indignation is that it’s highly dubious to consider what players in the “steroid era” did as cheating, because the situation was a whole lot more complex than there just being rogue ballplayers with no respect for the game or tradition destroying the record books while poor, noble baseball sat by innocently. I have a very, very hard time calling it “cheating” in the classic definition, given that it was understood what was going on at very high levels within the game, and not only was using steroids generally condoned, it was tacitly encouraged. All those big contracts being handed out to sluggers, all those millions of dollars being made by owners– nobody wanted to kill the golden goose, so nobody did anything to stop it. They’re ALL guilty of tainting the game: the owners, commissioner, union head, managers and coaches, teammates, agents, media, and frankly, the fans, as much as the players who’ve now been caught. (Yes, even the fans. Fans were chanting steroids at Canseco in 1988– they knew.)

    So, please. I know it’s a real easy solution to just point fingers at the players who’ve been caught, but it’s wrong. The problem was entirely systematic, and feeling good about ourselves for our righteous indignation with what they did leaves many, many people absolved who don’t deserve to be.

    And frankly, as a fan, I don’t want to see the whole era whitewashed and blamed on a handful of players. Baseball should own up to what happened. Hold their noses, put players in Cooperstown whose numbers merit it, regardless of what they did, and say WE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. You can’t rewrite history– and you SHOULDN’T rewrite history. Keep the list as it is and let Bud Selig, Don Fehr, and everybody else who claims to love the game but pretended they didn’t know why home run records were being shattered in the late 90s live with it– and let’s quit the moral grandstanding already.

  • Derek

    I like the Twain quote haha, and if you say that some players were given unfair advantages such as take steroids, you can say the same about players such as Ruth that played during a time when a 100mph fastball didn’t exist

  • http://www.slgoogle.cn google

    if only griffey never got hurt….

  • josh

    roid users can kiss my astrix

  • Stanton

    Steroids…seems like everyone goes on edge when that word is mentioned. I had predicted that Ortiz took something when I noticed a substantial drop in his numbers. But nowadays if that happened to someone like Paul Konerko for example you’d say “ah he’s just getting old”. He’s only 33. And we only do that in fear, to pretect the integrity and purtity of baseball. Sad thing is that baseball’s never bin pure, even from the days of Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson there was always something going around, being used behind the radar and for the time being out of the media’s eyes. This was indead allowed to happen and only now has it finally come out to the attention of the public. Will baseball ever be pure? That’s like asking if all people will ever be treated equal. Maybe someday but not in this lifetime.

  • Zooty Zoot

    Jim Thome was teammates with Manny Ramirez and Albert Belle. Remember Albert? His playoff grand-slam on a 100-mph fastball thrown by Armando Benitez was the ultimate steroid user vs. steroid user battle, unless you’re an NFL guy and you prefer the famed Bo Jackson vs. Brian Bosworth touchdown run.

    Thome is strongly suspect. In fact, any who hit 50 or more home runs after Cecil Fielder is suspect. Frank Thomas is suspect, and so is Junior.

    If we are lucky, the Ninth Circuit will reverse, en banc, its earlier ruling and allow the U.S. Attorney’s office to make use of the list of 100+ players who tested positive. It will be the most edifying disclosure in sports history if it ever reaches the light of day, and I suspect that there are a lot of players out there, Albert Pujols included, who are still more than a bit nervous about it.

  • toby

    Steriod use does in fact produce more home runs period. Long fly balls become homeruns at a better than 60% rate (using pre-use stats and comparing to post-use).

    Amphetamines do not enhance performance, they do alter perception temporarily however but over the long haul do not positively (actually negatively) enhance overall performance.

    Good list.

    ’nuff said.

  • Tim

    Yo Derek. I’ve heard some doozies before but you take the cake. You say 100mph fastballs didn’t exist back in the day. Im sorry but Walter “Big Train” Johnson threw harder than Nolan Ryan. There just wasnt any machines to capture it. Dizzy Dean too. Where did you get that info? Did you just make it up? Im just curious.

  • Don in Plainfield

    Are you going to cross out the ones who did “speed” in the past too (Willie Stargell and Mickey Mantle are a couple of players who’ve admitted this.)? This whole exercise is childish and the work of a whiner. Who cares what drugs they took!?! They still hit the home runs! Every era had substances they abused to play through pain and to mentally stay in the game. Remove everybody who used aspirin, caffeine, alcohol, and any number of opiates that were available legally in the past, and you may have an accurate, but nearly empty list.

  • brendan

    Babe Ruth played when blacks weren’t allowed in the league, so using this article’s “logic” his numbers are tainted, and should not count.

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  • http://yahoo murphy

    everybody was doing steroids but nobody put the numbers that bonds put up -no where near it.. bonds was a beast—now a poster boy for roids. wheres all the records that were shattered with others doing the same shit—— NOWHERE—bonds was hof before roids and on another planet with em…….

  • Jimbo

    where’s the list of players crossed out who didn’t play against blacks, latinos, and asians?

    oh, no problem with that.

    where’s the list with the players crossed out who used greenies and coke?

    oh, no problem with that.

  • rico

    I find it interesting that the four players at the top of the page are Latino players. Unintended coincidence or subconscious statement?? -Discuss:

  • RichG

    “where’s the list of players crossed out who didn’t play against blacks, latinos, and asians? ”

    Yeah it is disgusting that Major League Baseball kept minorities out of their game for so long but that doesn’t mean that the players like Ruth who played then should be removed from the home run list. He wasn’t breaking the rules of the game by not playing against blacks or latinos.

    Those who used steroids were/are doing something against the rules of the game.

  • http://dibbsolutions.com Medisoft

    I like the Twain quote haha, and if you say that some players were given unfair advantages such as take steroids, you can say the same about players such as Ruth that played during a time when a 100mph fastball didn’t exist

  • http://laxlacrosse.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/lax-crankfb.jpg MarkLax

    @Derek and all – Babe Ruth did not hit the most home runs over his career. The amazing feat was, when he hit 60 home runs, he hit more home runs than most teams! He was the best home run hitter of all time.

  • Paul

    Athletes back in the day (think Willie Mays times) often took “greenies”, better known as amphetamines. Do a bit of research, it’s not hard to find, might need to thin that list out a bit more.


  • http://realall-timehomerunlist Linda

    I think that there should be a wing in the Hall Of Fame called the”Hall Of shame”. This is where people like McG, Sosa, A-rod, Palmiero,Bonds( how could i forget him), Popi,Ramierez all belong. As does Rose for betting on sports. He signed a life-time banishment agreement. Sometimes karma is a bitch.
    As far as rico, and people of his ilk, they are always finding racism everywhere they look. Did anyone force them to lie to congress? Did somone force any of those players to do steroids
    So, rico are you saying they were set up? Because that s where your statement is going towards? If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Are you scratching yet? Keep the subject to ball where it belongs.

  • http://www.mikepoynter.com Mike P.

    Bob, you said “steroids cannot teach hand/eye coordination.” Well the problem doesn’t lie there. The problem is that with steroids they are taking what would normally be a fly ball that would be an out and knocking it over the wall creating a home run. So the homerun numbers of the steroid users are artificially inflated. I have given up on baseball. I used to love it however thanks to steroids and Bud my love for the game is gone. Why allow the steroid players to play or still be able to get into the HOF if they are voted in? Why just have lifetime bans for gambling? In MHO steroid use and what Bonds and company have done is much more serious than what Rose did. What Bonds and company did affected records and games. What Rose did was bet on his team to win which is meaningless.

  • Bradley

    Stoeten, above, says it best. I salute you, Stoeten.

  • Jeff

    I, too, like to be angry and self-righteous about baseball statistics.

  • miker

    i agree with your stats. taking performance enhancing drugs cheats

  • http://badmonkeyfightshop.com Mike Smit

    I can’t believe I lost Griffey Jr’s rookie card

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