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Monday, June 18th, 2018



In today’s Tribune, Ed Sherman has a great breakdown of what Comcast pays its content providers per subscriber on their beloved sports tier.

If you want the NFL Network, like I do, Comcast requires you to purchase the service for an additional monthly fee of $6.99.

Comcast throws in a bunch of other networks to the package, making it a smorgasbord ranging from NBA TV to the Tennis Channel to the Game Show Network.

I can easily do without all of them. However, I have no choice but to ante up if I want the NFL Network.

According to SNL Kagan, a media research firm, the NFL Network costs operators 80 cents per month for each subscriber.

The average collective expense for all those sports and entertainment channels to cable and satellite companies is $2.90 per month.

Assuming it pays the industry average, Comcast then charges the sports and entertainment buyer more than $4 per month above its cost.

Does that sound like a company looking out for the consumer?

So there’s the raw data of how Comcast is trying to rip you off. Remember also that the Comcast-owned Versus and Golf Channel networks make it to the regular tier. It’s one big joke, and I look forward to the day I am a former subscriber.

  • dhaab


    As an employee of the Big Ten Network, I can say that I have a pretty good working knowledge of this situation. Comcast is a monopoly, as is Time Warner. Neither wants to put these specialty networks on their basic tiers because they don’t own them. Therefore they don’t get a large enough piece of the profits. They couldn’t care less if they lose subscribers. It’s the biggest reason why satellite TV is SO much of a better product now. Direct TV is in direct competition with DISH and therefore they both strive to put a quality product out there for the consumer.

    BTW, Comcast stock has been dropping quite steadily for the past few months. Maybe the tide is finally starting to turn.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Comcast also just raised prices–again. I thought this was especially funny: “We’re offering more in high definition, better customer service. This really represents the investments we’ve made in the company.”

    Better customer service?? They are renown for their terrible customer service. I could write about several instances I had that were just brutal and absolutely unneccessary.

  • PB

    Comcrap is a joke. When I wanted HD from them, the phone rep told me that a “technician” would have to come to my house to make sure my cable was “HD ready.” After I stopped laughing I asked her (I think it was a her, but the Indian accent made it tough to tell) where my nearest Comcast store was. I stopped by there, got an HD box, and it’s working just fine. Idiots! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

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