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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Joe Theismann. Mostly remembered for getting his leg viciously snapped on national TV. But it seems the head shots have turned out to be the real problem. How else do you explain his opinons changing with each flick of the down marker?

We laughed last year when he was talking up Kyle Orton to no end, only to say the Bears needed a change at the position less than 15 minutes later.

He had a similar goof during the Pats/Vikes game. Before and at the beginning of the game Theismann and Kornheiser were salivating over Brad Johnson. I don’t know why. Perhaps they thought Johnson being a starter for the Vikes is a nice story. But they went overboard.

Theismann even said at one point that the Vikes should offer him a contract extension for more money. Johnson had only 4 TD passes all season and then went out to play his worst game of the year. I like Brad Johnson. And I’d be overjoyed as a Bears fan should the Vikes extend his current deal. He’s just not very good. Considering that only the Bucs have scored less points in the NFC, you could actually make the compariosn that Johnson is the 2006 Kyle Orton.

So at the end of the game, Theismann and Kornheiser somehow got to comparing the Vikings to the Patriots saying they were both “on the same road”. Oh yeah, totally. The Pats’ 3 super bowls and the Vikes’ team scandals? Totally the same path. When asked the difference between the two franchises Theimsann said quarterback. He said Minnesota needs a quarterback. One they can start for ten years. Hilarious.

So we can only assume that Brad Johnson will get beat out in training camp next year after his contract extension by this new quarterback. At least, that’s what Joe thinks.

And while I am really trying to like Kornheiser, I’ll just say he’s no Dennis Miller.

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