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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



If they had a contest featuring some of the worst 3-point shooters in the league during All-Star Weekend, some big names would be showing up. Here’s a list of 10 players (of those that qualify) that have been clankin’ it up from 3 this year.

  1. LeBron James. LeBron needs the ole’ round-it-up to make it to 30% (.297). For his career he shoots it at 32%. Can’t be dominant at everything, right? Shaq has his free throws, MJ had his…never mind.
  2. Luke Ridnour. I add Luke to the list because he is barely shooting 30% and because Mo Williams is so awesome! How could they make that trade?
  3. Baron Davis. Having a terrible year overall, but especially shooting. He’s at 35% from the field and just 29% on threes. And he’s shot almost 200 of them.
  4. Joe Johnson. Out of the top 10 players in three-point attempts, Johnson has the worst percentage at 33%. But he is actually a good three-point shooter (37% career) having a bad season.
  5. DeShawn Stevenson. Great at growing beards. Bad at three-point shooting. Of the list of 128 players that qualify, Stevenson is dead last at 27%.
  6. Dwyane Wade. Has never been a good three-point shooter but he continues to fire. And miss. He’s having an amazing season and is one of the great stories of the league this year. But he’s shooting just 29% on almost 150 attempts.
  7. Stephen Jackson. Stevie Jax never met a shot he didn’t like (insert firearm joke here if you like). He is launching but not connecting this year. He’s at 32%
  8. Devin Harris. He’s making people laugh at the Cavs, he’s made the All-Star team but the 3-point shot has a hold on him. He too needs the ole’ round-it-up to get to 30%.
  9. Andre Iguodala. I love Iggy. I was heartbroken when the Bulls did not draft him. In 2004 they selected Ben Gordon with the 3rd pick and then Luol Deng with the 7th. Iggy went 9th to the Sixers. Anyway, he’s just below 30% from three. So he’s here on this list.
  10. Bobby Jackson. What happened to Bobby Jax? Normally a good overall shooter, BJax is shooting just 38% from the floor and only 28% from 3.
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