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Friday, July 20th, 2018



Plenty of news on crabby, lazy and angry athletes this past week.

We start in New Orleans, where Jeremy Shockey is mad at his new team. His old team loved him so much they won the Super Bowl and then traded him away. Shockey is upset that he was allegedly misdiagnosed in training camp, and he reinjured himself during Sunday’s whooping by Carolina.

“I’m worried that this thing could have been taken care of in camp, like it should have been,” said Shockey, who the Saints acquired from the New York Giants in July for two draft picks. “If it wasn’t misdiagnosed in camp like it was there’d have been no problems. … Next time I know. When I get hurt I’ll get three or four opinions besides just the team’s.”

Next is the case of Eddy Curry. When I recently wrote about the news that D’Antoni was considering a benching of the former Bulls big man, I thought maybe it was a plea or a ploy to get Curry to buy into the new Knicks system. Apparently he wasn’t having it. From the NY Daily News:

“Eddy Curry’s days as the Knicks’ starting center are over, and judging by the harsh language Mike D’Antoni used Tuesday night, Curry won’t be seeing the floor anytime soon.

D’Antoni expressed disappointment in Curry’s play and his conditioning just one week before the Knicks open the season against the Miami Heat. Curry, who was once described as a cornerstone piece of the franchise, is now just an expensive 7-foot ornament. “He’s going to have to play better than what he has shown me,” D’Antoni said after Curry did not play in Boston’s 101-90 victory at the Garden. “He is going to have to pick it up. He has got to pick up his training.”

And finally, Kellen Winslow continues to be difficult. He said he feels he’s been treated like a “piece of meat” in Cleveland. He was crying this week because the GM didn’t call him when he was out with a staph infection. If they really wanted to treat him like a piece of meat, they would have termed his contract after his idiotic motorcycle escapade. Now he’s seeking another new contract. It’s no wonder the Browns were trying to trade him shortly before the deadline. Winslow has been suspended for one game by the Browns.

“I’m just frustrated with a lot of things,” he said. “I feel it’s been going on for a while. I don’t get treated right and it’s not fair. Sometimes I just feel under-appreciated. I felt it was time to say something.”

He said he could’ve spoken out a while ago, but was trying to be a team player.

“I could’ve been like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens, but I decided not to do that,” he said. “I decided to keep quiet.”

Some of Winslow’s teammates asked to make sure if he really wanted to be venting publicly.

“I’m okay, I’m okay,” he said.

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