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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



I’ve been critical of the Bears coaching staff most of the season. And really, again with the squib kicks? But here’s a twist. If you had told me in September that the Bears would be 9-6 at this point with an opportunity to win the division or possibly a wild card slot, I probably would have said that Lovie Smith would be a Coach of the Year candidate.

There are still some areas of coaching that I think Smith needs to improve. Clock-management is probably foremost on the list. The question: when teams somehow win games they have no business winning–the last 2 weeks are perfect examples–do the coaches deserve some props? Just win, baby–right? Or do the Bears have 9 wins in spite of the coaching staff?


Corey Graham. Graham was one of the defenders that played with playoff-like intensity and pro-bowl type results. Insane coverage, great run support and 9 tackles overall.

Lance Briggs. Briggs was all over the field again last night, making it clear why he is headed to Hawaii at season’s end.

Matt Forte. Not many holes for Forte to run through, yet he came up with some big plays when the Bears needed them most.

Kevin Payne. Seemingly in on every tackle. Pro-Bowler a year or two from now?

Robbie Gould. No he can’t kick a 50-yard field goal and no, he can’t kick it off that deep. But he simply makes clutch field-goals as if he was fooling around in practice.

Honorable mention: Tommie Harris, Danieal Manning, Brad Maynard.


Brian Urlacher. 2 tackles from the MLB?

Kyle Orton. Orton completely stared down receivers and still can’t throw a deep ball. When people talk about all his wins as a starter, let’s mark this game down as an example of how that doesn’t mean all that much.

Adrian Peterson. Seriously? A horse-collar tackle just feet away from the sideline? From a veteran?

O-Line. Orton sacked 3 times and never really had a lot of time to throw. Plus there weren’t very many holes for Forte.

  • http://www.nogutsglory.blogspot.com swnole

    Not sure about the COY honors for Lovie. They have won games they shouldn’t have these last two weeks, but they’ve also lost games they shouldn’t have. (i.e. Falcons, Bucs, and Panthers). With those 3 games in the bag, the last two wins would look even more impressive.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I couldn’t agree more. I was just throwing out a hypothetical.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    what a game!!!! i still dislike lovie and the coaching staff though man. i think the worst thing that can happen to us is if they win 10 games, and we dont get in. then they will praise lovie, angelo and everyone, and give them extensions! please make the playoffs bears!!!! go bears and giants!

  • dhaab

    The ONLY reason the Bears won this game was because of Mason Crosby not having a clue how to kick in poor conditions. Not surprised that you don’t mention that here.

    Oh, and Kevin Payne SUCKS.

  • dhaab

    Oh, I nearly forgot. What happened to being thankful that the Bears FINALLY had a decent starting QB. LOL!

  • http://pastthepylon.blogspot.com/ JM Van Horn

    Urlacher has slowed a step this year. He is one of the Bears I have always like to watch on the field.

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