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Wednesday, July 18th, 2018




Valued reader PV and I always joke that when it’s a slow sports day, sports radio yakkers inevitably turn to the old standby topic–best sports movies. Funny thing is it never gets old.

So I present another list, this time courtesy of a sports fan who is also a movie critic. Metromix Tv’s Marcus Leshock offers his thoughts and clips here. I wrote that one omission I saw is the tear-jerker “Bang the Drum Slowly” with Robert DeNiro.

And go ahead and laugh, but I actually really enjoyed “For the Love of the Game” with Kevin Costner.

Anybody have thoughts on the best? How about the worst? “The Slugger’s Wife”?

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    The worst has to be “Rookie of the Year”. Just a dumb concept all around. (Insert comment by dhaab about the fact that it makes the Cubs look bad). Although Ed or The Scout would be near the top. Can’t believe Albert Brooks and Brendan Frasier made such a bad movie together.

    I also enjoyed For the Love of the Game. It was a good movie about individual focus, and it wasn’t a stretch to imagine something like that happening.

    The best isn’t the Natural. A good movie, classic moments, well done. But overrated in my opnion. If they would have stuck with the book it would have made a much better picture.

    I would have to vote for Field of Dreams, cliche I know, but the depth of the movie for its understanding of the supernatural, baseball as a common thread, and the need for fathers and sons to share something it’s just too good of a movie.
    The other one at the top of my list is Eight Men Out. I never tire of watching it. They got the authenticity right, and to watch DB Sweeny play Jackson, with the sweet and natural swing and all – priceless. John Mahoney and John Cusak also add a great deal to the movie, and to have Studs Terkel is the icing on the cake.

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    Oh, and Mr. Baseball is also a favorite.

    Yoshi -Now I buy the p*ssies.

    Jack – No no. Now you OWN the p*ssies.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I want to add that I enjoyed Cobb very much too. I don’t know if I would like it as much watching it today, but I enjoyed it. The Monty Stratton Story with Jimmy Stewart was good too.

    Was Rookie of the Year the one where the kid gets the rocket arm? Solid film for kids.

    Have to watch Sandlot with my son. “You’re killin me Smalls!”

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    FOR – EH – VER

  • dhaab

    Wow! Me and Mike O. have the exact same tastes in baseball movies. Who knew? :)

  • http://thewaywardbus.wordpress.com Mike O’Donnell

    Awesome! Sleepover at my house Friday.
    dhaab – bring the popcorn and the ice cream
    Zoner – bring the soda and the candy
    I’ll have the three best baseball movies and we’ll roll out our sleeping bags in front of the tv.

    It’ll be so great!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Found Sandlot on HBO Family next Wednesday. DVR is all set. Should be fun for the whole family. No road trip to Ohio this weekend.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Bull Durham & Natural has my vote.

    Field of Dream… eh, overrated to me.

    Being more of a football guy anything w/ the pigskin is better then a baseball flick… even Sandlers “Longest Yard”. Ok maybe not that one.

  • dhaab

    Lis, I’m assuming you’re a girl and that’s probably why you don’t think “Field of Dreams” is all that great. The father – son thing is what puts it over the top for most of us.

  • http://www.meaninglis.com Lis

    Yeah I get the “father son thing”.

    Maybe you can explain how dead players travel to the future using corn as their means of transportation.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Corn is very powerful. Just think about your movements. ew.

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