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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



SI’s Jon Heyman has a nice column on his top 10 MLB GM’s.

Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams tied for 10th along with Padres GM Kevin Towers. I got a kick out of what Heyman perceives as a plus for Towers:

“Another very good trader and master of the bargain-basement pickup, he and his scouts have been especially good at acquiring pitching help (see this offseason’s addition of ex-phenom Mark Prior).” Yeah, we’ll see how that works out for him. And if you take a look at their lineup and had to describe it in one word, that word would have to be “Yikes”. Bard, Kouzmanoff and Gonzalez are decent offensive players, and Khalil Greene hit 27 homers last year. But then you have Edmonds, Giles, Scott Hairston, and Tad Iguchi. Their lineup is average at best. So Towers can being viewed as one of the top 10 GMs doesn’t fly with me. He went out and got Jim Edmonds when he should have been going for a younger, huge bat.

Their pitching is great, no doubt. But will they allow the least runs in the NL again?

  • dhaab

    You know full well that Hairston & Iguchi aren’t in the Padres everyday lineup.
    And Giles and Edmonds may be old, but if they’re healthy, they always have a high OBP and play solid defense.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Who is in the everyday lineup then if not Hairston and the Gooch?

    Be that as it may about Giles and Edmonds, do you think their lineup is anything better than average?

  • dhaab

    Sorry, I had a brain cramp and forgot Iguchi was their starting 2nd baseman now. But Hairston has no history of starting, so that definitely isn’t a given. There’s a LONG way to go before the first game and much can happen between now and then. It’s pretty much a necessity that the Pads will trade for an outfielder in the next few months.

  • dhaab

    Oh, and I agree their lineup is average at best. But that pitching…WOW!!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Let’s see if that pitching is as wow as it was last year. I’m guessing not.

  • dhaab

    Yeah, kind of like that Cubs pitching. :)

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