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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Twitter Has Changed Sports Forever


Twitter has taken the sports world by storm and forever changed the way news is disseminated and received. There are numerous examples of this and new ones arrive each day.

Last night Shaq found out about his trade to Cleveland from Twitter. I recently wrote a post about Drew Rosenhaus tweeting that Rex Grossman signed with the Texans. Sharapova’s Thigh penned a story about Kevin Love being assured he was not going to be traded. How did he find out? A tweet by an NBA columnist.

And now, news outlets are using Twitter as sources:

Milton Bradley Tweet

Twitter has also changed the way we watch sports. Many bloggers and fans are tuning into games with laptop in hand and a Twitter application open. The NBA Playoffs were remarkable this season. But they were even more fun because even if you were at home by yourself it felt as if you were watching the game in a sportsbar. Last night I took in the Cubs/Tigers game and talked with both Cubs fans and Tigers fans.

So what’s next for Twitter? How about all GMs get on Twitter and show us all their trade discussions? How about for the MLB trade deadline? Think that would be a popular TV show? I do. Fans and players alike glued to the screen to see where players might go and what the GMs are thinking. It sounds a bit outlandish. But then again, did you ever think you’d see all the other examples?

  • http://www.mopupduty.com matthias @ mopupduty.com

    Its pretty interesting to see the info that can come out of twitter. For baseball coverage many in the press use twitter during and after games. Its also a nice place to get unfiltered info, as at times tweeters give away team/player info that they shouldn’t.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I’m really enjoying it and trying not to be addicted to it.

  • dhaab

    Yeah, just what this country needs. Yet another internet service that provides tons of trade rumors which 99% of end up being total BS. YAAAY!!

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