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Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Memo to Ty Lawson: you need some work on your skills. Not so much on the basketball court — Lawson is a good player for the Nuggets. But a way to a girl’s heart isn’t by tweeting to her that you would like to take her to bed. That’s crass, bro. Lamar Odom and Miles […]

Maybe I’m getting old and just don’t get the lingo. Or maybe in this Tweet Shawn Marion makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You make the call!

Twitter makes pretty much any sporting event more fun. The All-Star Game was no exception. Some of these tweeters were better than the game itself. So I present to you: All-Star Tweets! (including some of my own!) Congratulations on the MVP, Carl Crawford. Enjoy that glass bong. Sports Pickle Joe Buck: “Franklin’s story is a […]

Twitter has taken the sports world by storm and forever changed the way news is disseminated and received. There are numerous examples of this and new ones arrive each day. Last night Shaq found out about his trade to Cleveland from Twitter. I recently wrote a post about Drew Rosenhaus tweeting that Rex Grossman signed […]

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