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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Maybe underrated, maybe under known, maybe just under appreciated, here are 5 NBA players that should be noticed for their games.

John Salmons, Sacramento. Salmons may be the current poster boy for “All I needed was some PT”. He just turned 29 and has already played 6 seasons in the league. This is first full season as a starter and he’s making the most of it. He’s averaging 18.6 ppg shooting 48% and 41% from beyond the arc.

Yes, the Kings are the worst in the West. But that makes Salmons’ numbers–especially the percentages–all the more impressive.

Danny Granger, Indiana. Raise your hand if you knew that Danny Granger was 4th in the league in scoring and averaging over 26 points per game.

Granger fills up the statsheet, adding 5 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal and a 1.4 blocks per game to go with his gaudy scoring totals. He’s shooting 40% from 3-point range.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City. Yes, everyone knows who he is. But after a rookie season where he was ripped on for being too weak, a tweener, a bust and other sorts of nice sentiments, Durant is becoming the real deal.

Last year he didn’t even shoot 30% on threes. This year he’s making them at a 42% clip. His shooting percentage is up too, as well as his boards, assists and blocks. And while he isn’t closing like a vet just yet, he’s making enough big shots that you know it’s just a matter of time.

Mo Williams, Cleveland. So wait–why is it the Bucks wanted to trade Williams? And why did they think Luke Ridnour was enough for a guy that averaged 17 & 6 last year? Sure, Williams isn’t a pure point guard. Who cares? He’s perfect in Cleveland, where they can’t be any doubt that he was the missing ingredient.

Paul Millsap, Utah. A year ago not many would have been proposing the trade of Carlos Boozer. Now you read about it all the time because of Paul Millsap. Millsap has stepped in nicely for the injured Boozer, averaging 15 & 10 on 56% shooting. Not bad for a 2nd rounder from Lousiana Tech. The next time I make a list like this Millsap won’t be on it. Now, about that Boozer to the Bulls deal…I’m still for it.

Any players you’d add to the list?

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  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    nice post. i hope granger gets into the asg. kid gets no love . wish the bulls had him

  • http://slamdunk Greg

    I never thought I would actually type this but I think Foye deserves some consideration. Especially now that Mchale is coaching…16 PPG, 42% FG, 1 STL, 3 RPG this year. His 3 pt percentage isn’t great at 35% but I would love to see what his percentage is pre Mchale and post Mchale…

  • Keith

    Diaw belongs here after the trade
    1.4 3pt
    14.5 pt
    6.5 reb
    5.1 ast

    Calderon also 8 ast and Astronomical 4.8 : 1 Assist to turnover ratio.

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  • http://www.bleachernation.com Ace

    Well done. Gladly stumbled.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I agree with all 3: Diaw, Calderon and Foye. I watched Calderon against the Bulls the other night and it is just a joy to watch him play. T’Wolves have won 8 of their last 10 and I wish Diaw was a Bull!

  • awesome

    all good deserve more credit. also, rodney stuckey has been tearing it up

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