Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Uniform From Last Cubs World Series Win


Cubs Uniform from last World Series victory

I wonder what the next one will look like? Some kind of space age, futuristic outfit? Because I don’t think it will happen this year, or any time soon.

  • Big D

    White Sox fans should not use a uniform as the butt of any joke. Between the fake collars, shorts, and softball jerseys (and that’s just the ’70′s) they actually wore, you would think they wouldn’t go there. That being said…very clever.

  • Real Fake Sports

    To be a Chicago sports fan means you have a sense of humor!

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  • JN

    Typical Sox fan, making a show out of it. I love how they always say Cub fans aren’t into it, we’re all tourists, don’t pay attention to the game, etc. Meanwhile these dipsh*ts are wearing friggin’ caveman costumes to the game. Y’know, because they’re real fans and all. Between shooting t-shirts into the stands, driving a pickup truck onto the field between innings (“you can win this truck if you can throw a baseball thru a hoop from 100 yards out!”), and FUNdamentals in left field, there are more distractions from the game in a half inning at Comiskey than there are in a whole season at Wrigley. So sorry that we have maybe 10% of the fans at any given game that are out-of-towners who just wanna see Wrigley. The rest of us will take the no-frills, nothing but organ music and sh*tty food atmosphere of a Cub game any day.

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  • Markk

    They will win whenever they can sign Ernie Banks and Ryne Sandberg’s robot clones.

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  • GN

    Yeah, JN, we never see any Cub fans looking ridiculous at all.

    Wrigley is full of midwest transplants whose loyalty to the Cardinals and Kansas City fades only because of the trendy cache that Cub fandom entails. So, why don’t you join the rest of your ilk and stand up every time somebody hits a fly to shortstop, thinking it’s a home run.

    Granted, the chicks at Wrigley are much hotter.

  • mnjoe

    sox fans are more concerned about the cubs than teams that are actually in their division. that’s why they’re such a joke.

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  • forma

    To be a Chicago sports fan means you have a sense of humor

  • Mia

    “I said I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, ‘put some money on the Cubbies!”

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